Police Report -- October 27, 2005

Published on Thu, Oct 27, 2005
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October 23: A resident who was out for a walk in the 8700 block of Osprey Road reported hearing a woman scream. The sound seemed to be coming from the next block. Officers checked the area, but did not locate the source of the sound. Extra patrol was provided.

October 23: Officers were dispatched to the 600 block of A Street where an extremely intoxicated female was making statements that implied she was contemplating suicide. Officers transported the woman home where there her adult children could take care of her.

October 23: During an inspection, Customs and Border Protection officers located a small amount of cocaine on a subject. The 22-year-old Vancouver, B.C. resident was arrested and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

October 22: Officers were dispatched to a business for a transient complaint. On arrival officers contacted an adult female who had nowhere to stay. An officer gave the woman a ride to the lighthouse mission.

October 22: A fish and wildlife officer requested a Blaine police officer check the Marine Drive pier for a report of a repeat fishing violator. Officer contacted the individual and cited him for unlawful recreational fishing in the second degree.

October 21: A hotel manager in the 300 block of Alder Street reported he was having a problem with a guest who would not pay. Upon arriving, it was determined the guest was renting on a week to week basis and was late on rent. Officers mediated an agreement in which the guest was allowed one more night due to the late hour. The guest agreed to leave on the following day, and promised she would pay the hotel manager what was owed. Officers left without further incident.

October 20: A school administrator turned over a threatening letter to the police. The letter was found in a hallway and contained a “hit list” with the names of several students and one school administrator. Police are investigating the incident.

October 20: A resident in the 200 block of 15th Street complained about a defective car horn which continued to sound after 2 a.m. An officer located the car, and contacted the owner who disconnected the wires.

October 20: An anonymous caller reported seeing a 2-year-old child crying and running towards D Street. Officers located the child and found him to be soaked in urine. An adult in the house had to be awakened by the police. The adult had no idea where the child was or who was supposed to have been watching him. The child was taken into protective custody and was later released to the custody of his grandmother.

October 20: Report of a 911 hang-up at a residence in the 1400 block of Harrison Avenue. The resident had called 911 the evening before and when she pressed re-dial this morning to call her mother, she had forgotten about the 911 call that had been placed the evening before. She hung up the phone not realizing the police would be dispatched.

October 20: An officer came across a person who had consumed too much alcohol and was having difficulty walking home. The officer gave the man a ride to his residence.

October 20: A person in the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive reported to police that a window had been shot with a pellet gun, resulting in $2,500 in damage. There are no suspects at this time. Officers will try to provide extra patrol to the area.

October 20: Officers were dispatched to a fight that had just occurred between two females in the 700 block of A Street. Officers arrived and contacted the victim and a witness who were able to provide information about the suspect. While officers were at the residence, the suspect drove by. She was contacted by an officer and was arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail.

October 19: A harbor security officer requested Blaine police respond to Gate 3 and speak with a young man who had been found wandering on the docks. The young man related he had been out for a walk when he encountered a fisherman who invited him down to his boat to visit. He was leaving the docks when he was contacted by the security officer. He was given a ride home and told it was not a good idea to be walking around the docks at night.

October 19: While on patrol a harbor security officer encountered a woman rowing a boat into the harbor. The young lady explained that she lives aboard a vessel in the Semiahmoo Marina and rows across to the Blaine Marina and then walks to work in Blaine. Due to a recent crime spree at the marina and the fact that the harbor security officer was not familiar with the woman, they requested the incident be documented.

October 19: About one gram of marijuana was found in the girls’ restroom at the middle school. No one was in possession of the marijuana when it was found, and no suspect has been identified.

October 19: A man in the 300 block of G Street called police when his small children came home and said other neighborhood children were harassing them. Officers spoke to everyone involved, and they all agreed to keep their distance from one another.

October 19: Officers checked on a residence in the 500 block of 8th Street where a wanted felon was suspected to be hiding from police. The 19-year-old man was suspected to be hiding out at his parent’s home. The man’s mother told officers he was not there, but officers located him hiding under a bed. He was taken into custody without incident and booked into Whatcom County Jail. His mother was given a warning for rendering criminal assistance.