Police Report -- September 08, 2005

Published on Thu, Sep 8, 2005
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September 4: A resident observed an intoxicated man sleeping on the sidewalk by the I-5 on ramp at mile post 276. An officer gave the man a ride to his boat at the commercial dock.

September 4: An officer assisted the fire department in evaluating an adult male who might have been injured during a fall. It was determined the man was intoxicated and was just sleeping on a resident’s lawn in the 500 block of Cedar Street. The man was uninjured. Officers contacted a family member of the man, and she came and picked him up and gave him a ride home.

September 4
: Blaine officers assisted U.S. Border Patrol agents with the apprehension of two adult male suspects who where smuggling .8 pounds of marijuana into the United States from Canada. One of the suspects ran and was apprehended after a foot pursuit. No one was injured during the arrests. The pair were arrested and booked into Whatcom County Jail by a DEA agent.

September 3:
Officers responded to a noise complaint at 1:30 a.m. after a man brought his horse to a party that was taking place in the front yard of a residence in the 600 block of Blaine Avenue. The residents and horseman were advised of the noise complaint. The man agreed to take his horse and leave town.

September 3
: USBP arrested a person for an immigration violation. During the investigation it was discovered the arrestee had a warrant (two counts ID theft, two counts forgery) for his arrest from the state of Tennessee. The warrant was confirmed, and the arrestee was booked into jail.

September 2: Officers were called to a business in the 300 block of 3rd Street in reference to an occupied vehicle parked outside that appeared suspicious. Officers checked the vehicle and found a man sleeping inside. Officers determined he had been drinking earlier in the evening. A witness verified he had been parked for an hour and a half. Officers impounded the man’s keys and gave him a ride to a friend’s house a short distance away.

September 2: A business owner in the 9000 block of Canada View Way reported that, in a telephone conversation about a disputed earlier transaction on a credit card, a customer had threatened to assault him and damage his property. The business owner did not wish to participate in a prosecution for the threats, but had told the customer to not return to the business property, and wanted this trespass warning documented. Officers then contacted the customer, who adamantly denied threatening the business owner or his property. The customer counter-claimed that the business owner had, without authorization, placed a hold of a large amount on one of the customer’s credit cards. The customer stated he understood the owner did not want him to return to the property, and he had no intentions of doing so. He stated he had referred the matter to his lawyer and was pursuing all legal recourse in protecting his interests. Officers were advised to watch for a white Ford full sized SUV or similar vehicle with Tacoma license plates near the business owner’s property: that is the description given for the vehicle the business owner felt might be driven by the customer who stated the intention to harm him or his property.

September 2: A woman reported her son was assaulted when he was playing with a teenager in a housing complex. The teenager had reportedly placed his hands around the other child’s neck. There was no obvious sign of injury, and the incident did not appear to be intentional. Report to be reviewed by prosecutor’s office.

September 1:
An officer assisted the Whatcom County Sheriff’s office by transporting a 29-year-old man to the Whatcom County Jail. The suspect, a felony fugitive from the state of Colorado, was arrested by United States Border Patrol when he crossed into the United States illegally.

September 1: A resident observed a stranger park his car on a dead end street and leave the area on foot. An officer contacted the registered owner and discovered the vehicle was dropped off with a friend who was going to drive the car to the repair shop in the morning. The resident was thanked for her keen observation and advised of the above.

August 31: A resident notified police when her ex-husband did not return their children as directed by an out of state court order. The children’s father has the children in Arkansas and has failed to return them per an agreement between both parents. The resident was advised to seek assistance through Washington courts.

August 31: School officials reported that subjects with bandannas across their faces threw dead fish out a car window and onto the high school parking lot and then fled the area. A license plate and vehicle description were provided to police, but officers were unable to locate the vehicle.

August 31: A resident of Vancouver, B.C. failed to stop as directed by law enforcement for a traffic offense in the 1200 block of Peace Portal Drive. The driver continued southbound on Peace Portal for approximately half a mile, illegally passing other vehicles, who were yielding to the lights and siren of the police car. The driver finally yielded and was amazed that the police were stopping her. The driver was issued several traffic infractions and released.

August 31: Officer was contacted by a juvenile who reported he was assaulted by a group of boys while at the skatepark. Officers contacted the group of juvenile males who admitted hitting the boy after words were exchanged. The report will be sent to the prosecutor’s office for review of possible charges against the offenders.

August 31: A despondent citizen called to express his desire to end his life. Officers contacted the man and transported him to St. Joseph Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

August 31: Blaine police were contacted after a motorist came upon a nine-year-old child sitting in the street crying. The child said he had been dropped off at the skate park by a parent who was supposed to return to pick him up around 7 p.m. The child was taken into protective custody by the police, who were able to contact a parent. The parent picked the child up at the police station. The case has been referred to CPS, as this is not the first time the parent has failed to pick up his child.

August 30: A possible parking problem was reported in the 100 block of 11th Street. It was reported that a resident was parking abandoned vehicles in front of their house to be used as garbage containers. The owner of the vehicles was advised he would need to move them off of city right of way.

August 29: A resident observed a vehicle enter an alley at 4 a.m., traveling at a high rate of speed with no lights on. The vehicle stopped next to the resident’s house. An officer contacted the adult female driver and adult male passenger and learned they were looking for a dark place to communicate with each other. The driver was warned about her driving behavior. The pair decided to leave the area.
August 29: A citizen reported a woman struck a tree with a vehicle in the 9000 block of Shearwater Road, and she appeared to be impaired. Officer arrived and determined the driver was under the influence of alcohol. The 37-year-old woman was arrested and released with a mandatory court appearance.