Police Report -- August 25, 2005

Published on Thu, Aug 25, 2005
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August 21: An officer checked on the welfare of a senior resident in the 100 block of Boundary Court who had her phone off the hook for more than eight hours. The resident was found to be okay and was not in need of assistance.

August 21: Officers responded to a report of a one-vehicle rollover collision in the 9300 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. The uninjured driver drove the vehicle to a parking lot. The driver was cited for driving too fast for conditions and failure to show proof of insurance. A Washington state patrol and police traffic collision report was completed.

August 20: A person came to the police department seeking advice on dealing with a teenage son who was becoming a problem in the household. After mediating an agreement with the mother and the son, an officer referred them to juvenile services and the WCSO as they lived in unincorporated Whatcom County.

August 20: While on patrol, an officer saw a juvenile female that he knew had a warrant for her arrest. After confirmation of the warrant, she was placed under arrest and taken to the Juvenile Detention Center.

August 20: Police contacted a vehicle for speeding in the 700 block of Mitchell Street. In the ensuing investigation, it was learned that the persons driver’s license was suspended. The driver was cited for speeding, failure to show proof of insurance and driving without a license in the first degree. The vehicle was impounded by Crown Towing.

August 20: A resident requested officers help her find her husband, who was last seen at the Blaine Marina. The missing man was located at a friend’s home and no further police assistance was requested.

August 20: An officer was on a traffic stop in the 300 block of SR 543 when confronted by a hostile male driver. The driver was determined to be the husband of the female violator stopped by the officer. The husband was committing violations as well and was told to move along or subject himself to obstructing charges. The driver decided to move on without incident.

August 20: A missing person report was taken after a man failed to return home from a trip. He was last heard from when he spoke with a family member while on the drive home. The 37-year-old Blaine man returned home later that evening and everything was okay.

August 20: Officers were dispatched to intercede in what was reported as a physical fight in the 700 block of E Street. Upon the arrival of officers the occupants of an apartment were contacted and it was learned the fight was a verbal dispute between a brother and a sister over a computer.

August 20: Police were asked to check the neighborhood after a man in the 1400 block of Mitchell Street saw flashes of light in his window. The source of the light was not determined.

August 20: Blaine police were advised that approximately 50 people were marching toward the Peace Arch Port of Entry to protest the U.S. treatment of Cuba. An officer responded and stood by with Border Patrol agents while the peaceful demonstrators expressed their opinion. The group then returned to Canada.

August 20: A citizen in the 600 block of E Street asked officers to speak with her neighbors concerning the unauthorized feeding of her pet. The officer learned that the neighbor’s young son had fed the dog a hot dog because he thought the dog looked hungry. The boy and his father were advised that the dog’s owner did not want them to feed it. The boy said he understood and agreed not to do it again.

August 20: Officers contacted four juveniles hanging around behind the Blaine elementary school at 1:48 a.m.. The parents of two 13-year-old female juveniles were contacted and were surprised to find that the girls were not where they thought they were. One 13-year-old was kept at the scene at the parent’s request until she could arrive to pick up her daughter. The other 13-year-old was taken to her aunt’s house by an officer at her guardian’s request. The other two juveniles, a 16-year-old female and a 17-year-old male walked to their respective residences.

August 19: A caller in the 1000 block of Mitchell Street reported concerns over his cat being away from the house for an unusually extended period of time. The caller also felt there were suspicious circumstances around the temporary disappearance of his cat. An informational report was taken.

August 19: An apartment manager in the 1000 block of Adelia Street reported residents of a neighboring apartment complex are putting their trash into the wrong container. The manager related that the tenants of her apartments do not have enough room for all of their trash because of the trash from the other complex. Two people were contacted and advised to start using the proper trash receptacle.

August 19: The owner of a local bed and breakfast in the 300 block of H Street reported damage done to rooms by members of a baseball team that had stayed at the inn. As the cost to repair the damage had been deducted from the deposit paid for the rooms, no criminal element existed.

August 19: While attempting to enter the U.S. at the Peace Arch port of entry, a vehicle was searched by CBP officers and the occupants were found to be in possession of 29 grams of marijuana. The two men, ages 23 and 34, were cited for the offense and released with a court date.

August 19: A person in the 9700 block of Allan Street reported his neighbor had knocked over a gazebo that was on his property. The estimated damage to the gazebo was $500. An adult female was arrested and charged with malicious mischief second degree. She was booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

August 19: Officers responded to a 911 hang-up at a business in the 200 block of C Street. Upon arriving, officers found that the business was closed and secure. No one responded when officers knocked on the door. Officers had information that the business had been having some phone line problems recently, which had resulted in previous hang up calls to 911. Officers cleared without incident after determining everything was in order.

August 18: A supervisor at a local business in the 2200 block of Nature’s Path Way reported that after having disciplinary problems with an employee, the employee made several vague threats towards him. Officers spoke with the suspect who denied making threats of any kind. At the request of the supervisor the subject was asked not to return to the business.

August 18: Officer observed a driver speeding westbound in the 800 block of H Street. The driver failed to yield and continued westbound weaving in the travel lane at a high rate of speed in a residential/business zone. The driver continued to drive despite the officer’s use of the emergency siren. The driver continued westbound for an additional quarter mile before stopping at a local business. The driver, an 89-year-old Vancouver, B.C. resident was oblivious to his surroundings and a report will be referred to Canada’s drivers license division for re-examination requirements due to age and inability to drive safely.

August 18: Officer was dispatched to a vehicle prowl in the 1800 block of Pipeline Road. The victim reported three pieces of jewelry were stolen from her car while she was at work. The victim named a possible suspect in the theft and the case is under investigation.

August 18: Officers were dispatched to a report of a person who appeared depressed. Officers contacted the young man and determined he was upset over a personal matter. Officers were able to calm him down and determined he did not present a threat to himself or others.

August 17: A citizen reported loud music coming from an apartment in the 600 block of A Street. Officers contacted the homeowner who was having a supervised, non-alcoholic party for several neighborhood kids. The person agreed to keep the noise down and officers cleared without incident.

August 16: A motorist reported a commercial truck had drifted over the centerline of a roadway and nearly struck the motorist head-on. An officer spoke to the truck driver who was sober, not impaired and alert. The officer warned the driver about the motorist’s complaint and applicable traffic laws.

August 16: Police responded to a 911 hang-up at a motel room in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive. A man was found to be suffering from chest pains. Medics were called and the 54-year-old man was transported to the hospital.