Police Report -- August 18, 2005

Published on Thu, Aug 18, 2005
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August 16: A county resident reported seeing a cougar in a rural area of West Road. The information was passed on to the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

August 15: The power in the downtown area of Blaine was disrupted when two birds touched each other while sitting on different power lines. Officers provided extra patrol until the power could be restored to the business district.

August 15: Officers were dispatched to check on the welfare of a resident in the 1200 block of Runge Avenue after a call was received which indicated the woman might be attempting to commit suicide. The responding officers found the woman passed out and unresponsive so fire and rescue were asked to respond. The woman was subsequently transported to the hospital.

August 15: Officers responded to a report of a possible domestic disturbance in the 1400 block of Bayview Drive. Officers contacted two individuals at the residence who had been in a verbal disagreement. One person was warned of the disorderly conduct laws. The two agreed to resolve their issues in a quieter fashion.

August 14: Officers are investigating a minor collision in which an unoccupied city patrol car rolled across a street and parking lot, coming to rest against the Visitor Information Center near H Street and Peace Portal Drive. Neither the building nor the car, a 2005 Ford, were damaged, but some slats were knocked from a small plastic fence at the building’s edge. The car, which was still locked when officers arrived, had been parked at a nearby business by an officer. The vehicle is undergoing mechanical tests.

August 14: Officer contacted three juveniles walking through an abandoned housing complex at 2 a.m. in the morning in the 900 block of Adelia Street. After officers identified them and determined their intended destination, the three continued their stroll.

August 14: A motorist reported finding a young child wandering in the traffic lane on Bell Road near Peace Portal Drive. The child’s parent, who lived a short distance from where the child was located, arrived before the responding officer. The officer learned the child had wandered away from the residence while the mother had gone to answer the telephone.

August 13: A registration check of a vehicle revealed the license plate currently displayed on the vehicle did not belong to that vehicle. The vehicle was stopped. The driver was found to be driving with a suspended license and he admitted to taking the plates from another person’s vehicle and placing them on his own. He was arrested for theft third. DWLS second charges will be forwarded to the prosecutor. The driver was issued a criminal citation and released at the scene.

August 13: Officers were asked to check on the welfare of an adult female who appeared to be camping out in a phone booth at a business. The woman explained how she left home for a better life and became stranded in Blaine. An officer gave her a ride to the Lighthouse Mission in Bellingham.

August 12: Blaine police received an order from the Superior Court of Arizona to take custody of a child. The child was located, taken into protective custody and turned over to Child Protective Services to be returned to her mother in Arizona.

August 12: A caller reported two juvenile girls were causing a disturbance in the library. An officer spoke to the kids in question and the library rules were reviewed.

August 11: An officer observed a male urinating on the shoulder of I-5. The 20-year-old Vancouver, B.C. resident was cited and released with a mandatory court date.

August 11: This office revoked a concealed pistol license from a Blaine resident, because he was recently convicted on a charge of domestic violence assault rendering him ineligible for the license. The license was returned to Blaine police, and the notice of revocation was forwarded to the Washington Department of Licensing.

August 11: Two people entering the U.S. from Canada were found to be in possession of a stolen vehicle. The pair were arrested and booked into the Whatcom County Jail.

August 11: While employees were working in the police department an in-house fire alarm activated in the 300 block of H Street. Smoke was seen coming from an electrical room. The building was evacuated and the fire department responded. It was determined the smoke was a result of smoke testing being conducted by the public works department. Personnel were able to return to the building only after it had been properly ventilated by the fire department.

August 10: Officers responded to an aid call where a person in a parked car in the 200 block of B Street was having a seizure. Officers provided assistance to the patient until aid arrived. The patient was transported to the hospital by medics.

August 10: A citizen reported hearing loud screaming coming from an apartment in the 1400 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officer made contact with the occupants and found it was a parent and child who were having discipline issues. Officer made them aware of the noise complaint and they agreed to remedy the situation in a calmer and quieter manner.

August 9: Officers arrested an adult male for three Blaine Municipal Court priority warrants and for violation of a protection order. The man was at Blaine city hall with the protected person named in the protection order. He was booked into WCSO Jail. The warrants were cleared from WACIC.

August 9: A citizen requested a welfare check on a friend in the 200 block of D Street. The man had left several messages on her answering machine indicating he needed help. An officer contacted the man at his residence. The man denied needing any help. He had necessary supplies, shelter and appeared to be healthy. The officer cleared without incident. The person requesting the welfare check was notified of the officer’s findings.

August 9: A man called police to report some missing property. The man stated he had moved out of an apartment in the 300 block of Alder Street and had left a computer behind in the vacant apartment. The apartment manager was contacted and he stated that no computer had been found in the apartment following the tenant’s departure. Officers found no evidence a theft had taken place, and a report was taken for informational purposes only.

August 9: A contractor working in Blaine reported an employee had taken over $2,000 worth of tools from the job site without permission and has not returned them. The case is under investigation.