Police Report -- July 07, 2005

Published on Thu, Jul 7, 2005
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July 4: While providing traffic control for the 4th of July festivities, officers took a call about a man who was talking to himself in the 200 block of Cherry Street and appeared upset. The reporting party was concerned that the man might have a weapon. Officers searched for and located the man, who was unarmed but apologetically admitted yelling to himself about a parking problem. Officers left without issuing any citations.

July 4: The owner of a motel in the 300 block of Alder Street reported departing guests had stolen towels and a blanket. Information on the possible suspects was obtained and officers are investigating.

July 4: Officer located a nine-year-old girl who had been separated from her parent. The mother of the child was unable to come pick her up, so the officer provided a courtesy ride home. A report will be forwarded to CPS as a referral, because this has become an ongoing problem.

July 4: Officers contacted two individuals with open containers of alcohol. One male voluntarily turned over his keys to officers for safekeeping to ensure that he was not going to drive. The alcohol was dumped out. The vehicle owner was later contacted and determined to be sober. The vehicle keys were released.

July 3: Officers responded to the Peace Arch crossing for a person in possession of controlled substances. A 20-year-old Pullman, Washington resident was found to be in possession of marijuana and ecstasy and was arrested and booked into jail for the offense.

July 3: A juvenile called police when he got separated from his parents. One officer picked up the juvenile from a citizen who was kind enough to help and another officer searched for the parents. The parents were found feverishly searching for their teenage child. Officers reunited the family. They had been out for their weekend walk and the juvenile had taken a wrong turn.

July 3: A distraught parent contacted the Blaine police to report their teenage daughter missing. As it was out of character for the youngster to not keep her parents aware of her whereabouts, a missing person report was taken. While officers were investigating all possible leads the young woman returned home.

July 3: A person using a cellular phone called 911 and said they needed the Blaine police. The caller then hung up without providing any more information. Attempts to re-contact the caller proved unsuccessful and no additional calls were received.

July 3: Officers were dispatched to a report of illegal fireworks being discharged in the 1200 block of Mitchell Street. Upon arrival officers approached a group lighting off several different types of fireworks, some of which were illegal. Officers warned the individuals who then decided to cease for the evening. Officers then left the scene without futher action.

July 2: Officers saw a vehicle with plates that did not appear to belong to the vehicle. Officers ran the plates and turned around to catch up to the vehicle but it was out of sight. Department of licensing showed the plates did not belong on the car and further checks showed a local address. Officers found the car and driver at home. He had switched the plates because he did not agree with the tax the Department of Licensing was charging for purchasing the vehicle. Officers seized the switched plates and issued a citation.

July 2: Officers were advised that two people had been sprayed with mace or pepper spray and that the suspects had fled the area. Officers responded and had aid personnel evaluate the victims. Officers located the suspect and booked him into jail for felony assault.

July 2: While officers were investigating a felony assault a juvenile male was found to be in possession of a spring loaded knife. The knife was taken into custody along with a new United States immigration identification holder without a badge. The suspect may be charged for a weapons violation and the identification holder will be held until the owner is located.

July 2: Officers responded to a report of an injured dog walking in the lanes of I-5. Officers located the dog and found that it was just confused, likely due to fireworks. Officers directed traffic around the dog, until it became too exhausted to run and was willing to accept a ride off the freeway.

July 1: Officers responded to a hotel in the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway to investigate a possible burglary. The suspect had broken into an unoccupied room and tried to claim it as his own.
The suspect fled prior to law enforcement arrival and was not relocated. The individual returned the following day to retrieve his vehicle and was spotted by hotel security. Officers were able to apprehend the Lynden resident. The 34-year-old man was booked into jail for burglary, theft of service and an outstanding warrant.

July 1: A person came into the station and reported an elderly man laying down by a bus stop. They were concerned the person may need help. Officers responded and found the person talking to other concerned citizens. The elderly man was taking a nap before catching the bus. He did not need any help.

July 1: A person noticed a neighbor spray painting a bicycle in the 1100 block of Mary Avenue. Officers checked and found the bike matched the description of a locally stolen bicycle. The suspect claimed a friend gave him the bike. The case is under investigation.

July 1: A person reported that a stolen check had been used to pay for items at a local business. The person is a burglary victim and his checkbook was stolen. His checks are being used in Whatcom County. There is a suspect and the case is under investigation.