Police Report -- June 23, 2005

Published on Thu, Jun 23, 2005
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June 19: Report of a gas theft. $4.57 worth of fuel was pumped into a black Harley Davidson motorcycle by a thief who then drove off towards Canada. No license plate number was obtained to conduct follow-up.

June 19: Officers responded to a report of a trespassing man who appeared to be homeless going through a dumpster at a business in the 500 block of H Street. The owner did not want the person on his property because the man was a) causing a hazard by dumpster diving and b) scaring the customers. Officers witnessed the business owner instructing the man to leave the property and not return, and officer confirmed with the man that he understood not to return to the property, and would be cited for trespass if he did. The man has been repeatedly contacted and has repeatedly turned down offers for assistance. He is currently wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for damaging property, but jail booking restrictions prevent taking him into custody.

June 18: A parent requested information on the options available to handle a teenage child who took the family car without permission. The options were explained, and they decided to handled the matter without filing a felony criminal complaint. This time.

June 18: A police officer observed and contacted a suspicious vehicle stopped near a closed business in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive late at night. The driver lied about his identity, but the officer determined that the 35-year-old Blaine resident was wanted on outstanding felony warrants for drug violations in both Whatcom and Skagit counties. He was arrested and transported to the Whatcom County Jail. His vehicle was impounded.

June 18: An officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. During the stop, police K9 Yoschi alerted to the presence of the odor of a drug from the vehicle. An occupant in the vehicle admitted to having smoked marijuana “about an hour” before being stopped. No drugs were found in the car. The driver was cited for failure to provide proof of insurance. After signing an impound waiver, all the car’s occupants were driven to their residences.

June 16: Officers responded to a report that a group of kids were using a city electrical vault on H Street as a skateboard jump. An officer contacted the gaggle and reminded them that tens of thousands of dollars worth of donated materials and hundreds of hours of volunteer labor had gone into building them a skateboard park just around the corner and that it would be a tribute to their sport if they used their park rather than vandalizing city equipment which their parents paid taxes to maintain.

June 16: A resident came to the police department to report their spouse had been missing for a day. An investigation was initiated. The spouse returned home: it appears they may have suffered an adverse reaction to medications and become disoriented. Watch-fors on the person were cancelled and databases were updated.

June 16: An officer responded a drug related complaint at the school campus, where a teen-aged student was found in possession of poppy buds (picked locally) and an unused disposable drug pipe fashioned from an aluminum can. The poppy buds were found to not have narcotic qualities. The school took disciplinary action regarding the pipe and the student’s intention in bringing the items onto the campus.

June 16: Police were called when one middle school student assaulted another. The victim suffered facial injuries but did not need medical attention. The 13-year-old suspect fled the school campus and was arrested by police a short time later. He was released to his mother after processing. The case was forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor’s office for review of 4th degree assault charges.

June 15: A citizen reported seeing someone hiding in some bushes outside of their home in the 1400 block of Mitchell Street. The suspect, a teenager in dark clothing, fled the area as police were responding. He was not located and extra patrols were provided.

June 14: A woman called police to report that her ex-husband may have ran out of gas somewhere in Blaine. The woman was concerned, because he might be experiencing mental problems. A backpack with the man’s name in it was found earlier in the day and turned in to police, but the man was not contacted.

June 14: A citizen reported their neighbors in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive were yelling at each other. An officer overheard the people yelling and determined it was not a domestic disturbance, they were just talking excessively loud. Due to the nice weather their windows and doors were open, allowing them to be heard from a distance. The officer spoke to the people and they agreed to quiet down.

June 14: A resident complained about noise coming from a construction site in the 200 block of 15th Street after the permitted hours. Officer made contact with the worker, who was trying to catch up on his project. The worker was unaware of the established times and quit working for the evening. Officer cleared with no further action taken.

June 6: Officers responded along with aid personnel to a report of an intentional overdose in the 300 block of Alder Street. Officers monitored the patient’s condition until the fire department arrived. The patient was ultimately transported to St. Joseph Hospital for evaluation.

June 6: A local business owner in the 600 block of 3rd Street called to report a patron who was behaving strangely and making employees nervous. Officers were familiar with the man, as it was their second call on the same day.