Police Report -- May 12, 2005

Published on Thu, May 12, 2005
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May 9: A juvenile male was served a trespass letter and verbally advised by school staff that he was trespassed from Blaine school district premises. The male came on campus in violation of the trespass order and used offensive language towards a school principal while students and parents were present. The male left the area prior to police arrival. The case will be forwarded to the juvenile prosecutor for possible charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct.

May 8: A mother in the 600 block of A Street reported that neighbor boys were throwing rocks and a rock almost hit her young child. Officers contacted the boys and their parents. The adults exchanged phone numbers and agreed to call each other if they observed any of the children misbehaving.

May 8: A loud dispute over $20 between a brother and sister in the 500 block of E Street resulted in a neighbor calling the police after hearing someone yell out, “Call the police.” The parties involved said the dispute was verbal only. They were asked to quiet down.

May 8: Officer was dispatched to a dispute between neighbors in the 700 block of A Street over some DVDs. On arrival the officer contacted the complainant who stated she did get her DVDs back from her neighbor, but she was still upset at the woman for having yelled at her. Officer talked to both parties and advised them to stay away from each other.

May 8: Officer was contacted by a resident in the 600 block of A Street who wanted to report her neighbor, a male juvenile, was standing in the foyer of the apartment complex. The officer confirmed with the caller that the area where the boy was located was a public area in the apartment complex. The caller was advised that the police could not do anything unless the boy did something criminal. The caller stated that she understood, and explained that she feels the boy is only trying to bother her. The officer will ask the boy to play elsewhere in an attempt to resolve the issue.

May 7: An officer was advised of a potential hazardous roadway condition on a county road. Two road closed signs and some red cones had been stolen and thrown into the bay. The officer called WCSO and advised them of the theft and potentially dangerous conditions for drivers.

May 7: Officers were dispatched to contact two parties who were both claiming ownership of a vehicle. One man said he purchased the car the day before on a verbal agreement. Another man bought the car that afternoon and had a bill of sale signed by the seller and new owner. The man with the bill of sale took the car.

May 6: An unknown white substance in an empty film canister was found on school grounds. An officer conducted field tests with the substance and received no positive indication that the substance was an illegal drug. The substance was destroyed.

May 6: A person in the 800 block of Adelia Street found several packages of physician samples of prescription drugs lying in the roadway in front of his residence. The drugs were taken back to the police department, logged and destroyed.

May 6: A person in the 1100 block of Mary Avenue reported a fight between her neighbors and another person who had come to their house. Officers responded and found that a mutual assault had occurred as a result of a disagreement over child custody. All parties involved wished to pursue assault charges. Case will be forwarded to the prosecutor for review; no arrests were made.

May 5: Officers were dispatched to a report of a physical domestic dispute in progress in the 700 block of F Street. Following an investigation an adult female was arrested for domestic violence assault. She was booked into Whatcom County Jail.

May 5: A person called police to express concern about two small children who may have been left at home unsupervised in the 700 block of A Street. Officers investigated and found there were in fact two adults watching the children.

May 5: A citizen reported seeing a man looking into parked vehicles and yards in the area of the 9700 block of Vista Terrace. Officers located the man in the 4200 block of H Street. The man related he was looking for somewhere safe to stay as he is currently transient and was tired. He was given information on how to get to the Lighthouse Mission.

May 5: While on patrol, Blaine police department K-9 team spotted a person in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive who had run from USBP agents earlier in the shift. The officer approached the man, who considered running, but re-considered upon hearing K-9 Yoschi barking. The man was detained for the USBP and turned over to their custody without incident.

May 5: A complaint was received alleging a group of young people were tossing light bulbs, pop and beer cans and other items of trash over a neighbor’s fence in the 600 block of A Street. An officer located the described juveniles and with the assistance of a parent they went to the neighbor’s yard with a trash bag to clean up the mess. The neighbor had already cleaned up the mess but the children and the neighbor discussed the problem and a resolution was reached.

May 3: A parent reported her eight-year-old son left a friend’s house after an argument with her and had not returned home. The boy returned home a few minutes after the report was filed. An officer talked with the boy and discovered he walked home from the friend’s house because he was upset. The boy apologized for walking away like that and said he would not do it again.

May 3: A parent reported to dispatch that their child was missing from a nighttime function at the school. Officers attempted to contact the parent but were unable to reach them. The parent then called back to dispatch and reported the child was no longer missing. Officers were not able to make contact with the parent, but cancelled their search for the child based on the information provided to dispatch.

May 3: A USBP agent heard a strange noise coming from a commercial area on Peace Portal Drive. While en route to investigate the noise the agent observed two males walking who appeared intoxicated. The agent then found two planters that had been overturned in front of a restaurant. Blaine officers and USBP agents checked the area, but were unable to locate the duo who were the likely suspects in the malicious mischief incident.

May 2: A citizen of Alberta, Canada reported she was having a vehicle shipped to her from California, but the vehicle had not arrived. The last known location of the vehicle was in Blaine. For some reason the shipper had abandoned the vehicle. The vehicle was located near the border, and an officer notified the owner of its location. She will be hiring a new shipper to complete the job