Police Report -- April 21, 2005

Published on Thu, Apr 21, 2005
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April 18: Officers responded to a report of a man in the 100 block of 8th Street standing in a yard who was yelling and waiving his arms. Officers contacted all parties and found it involved a dog that barks all the time. Officers cleared with no further problems at the residence.

Aril 18: A citizen reported a suspicious vehicle driving around in a parking lot in the 1200 block of 3rd Street. Officer made contact with the driver, who was simply practicing for his practical driving test the following day to receive his license.

April 18: Officers observed a car rapidly accelerate, screech its tires (smoking) and fishtail in the school zone while students and the public were present just before school commencement. The vehicle was stopped by police. The 16-year-old male driver was issued infractions for negligent driving 2nd and failure to show proof of insurance. The male was also issued written warnings for two other traffic offenses.

April 17: Officers stopped a vehicle in the 700 block of Ludwick Avenue after learning the registration on the truck expired in 2001. The driver was issued citations and released.

April 17: A citizen reported seeing someone jump over a neighbor’s fence in the 4200 block of H Street and proceed to the house. Officers made contact with the homeowner who advised that the person who jumped the fence was an expected guest and everything was fine.

April 17: A citizen reported someone may have prowled his vehicle in the 300 block of Alder Street. Officer responded and attempted to take a report. It is believed the reporting person was heavily under the influence of an illegal substance. Due to his uncooperative behavior the officer was unable to complete the report. The man was advised to recontact the police after he calmed down.

April 16: A USBP agent requested assistance from available officers when he surprised a man sneaking across the border. Blaine PD K9 Team responded and assisted the agent until the man was taken safely into custody. Team cleared without incident.

April 16: A person in the 500 block of 8th Street called to report that two young juvenile males were knocking on her door and back window and then running away. Officers checked the area but the suspects had left prior to arrival. Officers continued to check the area for some time prior to clearing. No suspects were contacted.

April 16: A man called police when his adult daughter failed to arrive for a pre-planned vacation. Blaine officers contacted the agency where she was last seen and requested a welfare check. They were not able to locate the woman, so a broadcast was sent out to all law enforcement agencies in western Washington. The man called back later in the day and advised his daughter had finally gotten in touch with him. She was fine and on her way home. The broadcast was cancelled.

April 16: A person in the 2400 block of Bell Road called police when they smelled a strong odor of oil. Officers notified the fire department and helped them check the area. No signs of a spill were found. The fire department believed the odor may have been coming from the refinery due to the inclement weather.

April 15: An officer stopped a person in the 2700 block of Peace Portal Drive for weaving badly while driving down the roadway. Upon being stopped the man became suddenly hostile and uncooperative, attempting to get back into his car and drive away. Further investigation revealed he had several medical conditions in addition to being very sleepy. Medics checked the subject and transported him back to his residence after it was determined that he would be OK. Officers cleared without further incident.

April 15: A 17-year-old girl reported receiving harassing calls on her cell phone. The caller was looking for a man who the girl did not know. An investigation revealed the calls were coming from a collection agency who had a wrong number. The collection agency was notified of the error and agreed to stop calling the girl.

April 15: A woman in the 1700 block of H Street called police when her dog got stuck in some brush. Officers arrived and helped the woman free her pet from the brambles. The pooch did not appear to be injured, and officers cleared without incident.

April 15: Officers responded to a report of a fight in progress in the 300 block of Alder Street. Officers arrived and found one party had already left the area. The man who fled the scene had struck another male and may have also been involved in a domestic dispute. The victim of the assault refused to press charges. Officers attempted to find the suspect in order to follow up on the domestic dispute. The man was not at his residence, so a broadcast was sent out to other law enforcement in the area. A WCSO deputy located the suspect and determined no domestic violence crime had occurred.

April 14: Mental health officials asked officers to check the welfare of an individual who might be suicidal. Officers contacted the man and found he was alright. He stated he was upset with a caseworker so he hung up on her. Officers also contacted his long time girlfriend who assured us he was alright.

April 14: Officers were dispatched to a report of a verbal domestic dispute in the 1100 block of Mary Avenue. On arrival officers contacted a husband and wife who said they had an argument but no assault had occurred. Officers stood by while the wife left the house for a while to cool off. No further calls were received from the residence.

April 14: Officer was dispatched to a 911 hang up call in the 700 block of E Street. Officers arrived and contacted a 14-year-old girl who said she was watching her two younger brothers, and the pair got into an argument. While she was attempting to calm the situation one of the boys called the police. An officer talked to the boy about appropriate reasons for calling 911 and about minding his sister. The boy apologized for his behavior.

April 13: Blaine officers assisted the WSP by closing the I-5 on ramp at SR 543, after a truck hauling 47,000 lbs. of glass overturned causing a bit of a mess. Officers cleared the scene after the arrival of WSP’s incident response team.

April 13: A clerk in the 30 block of D Street reported a man pumped gas and drove off as his credit card was being declined. An officer contacted the driver and advised him of the complaint. The driver returned to the gas station and paid for his purchase with a different credit card. The new card was accepted, and the matter was resolved.

April 13: A woman returned home to find her house in the 600 block of B Street had been burglarized. A large amount of jewelry was stolen from the residence. While investigating the burglary officers learned that a woman in the same neighborhood had chased a man from an outbuilding on her property. The man had several pieces of jewelry spread out and was packing them back up when she interrupted him. The woman provided police with a good description of the suspect. The following day an alert citizen who had been contacted by an officer during a neighborhood canvas saw a man walking along I-5 who matched the description of the suspect, and he notified police. Officers contacted the man and were able to recover most of the property from the burglary. The man was booked into Whatcom County Jail on charges of burglary and possession of stolen property.