Police Report -- September 16, 2004

Published on Thu, Sep 16, 2004
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September 12:
A parent living overseas contacted the police to ask that an officer check on the welfare of their teenager, who is an exchange student living here. The parent believed there might be a personality conflict between the student and the sponsor family. Officers spoke with everyone involved and assisted by providing transportation for the student to another sponsor family.

September 12:
Officers responded to a reported fight in progress in the 1000 block of Peace Portal Drive between four participants. It was determined that only two people were actually involved in the physical part of the melee. Officers investigated, photographed the injuries, and cited a Blaine resident for misdemeanor assault. Both parties declined medical attention.

September 11:
A Runge Avenue resident reported that his door was damaged earlier in the day by a man who attempted to kick the door open to gain entry, and left a threatening note. As it turned, out the suspect was already in police custody on other charges. Officers added a citation for criminal malicious mischief to the suspect’s Curriculum Vitae.

September 11:
Officer was advised of a erratic driver who had turned into a mall parking lot. When officers arrived, the elderly driver was outside the vehicle, but admitted she had been drinking. Officers released the woman to the custody of a friend who responded to the scene and secured the vehicle. Officers will be forwarding a report to the Department of Licensing for a operator’s license reexamination of the driver.

September 11:
Frightened residents of a 4th Street home called from the second floor of their house, reporting that an ex-boyfriend was breaking in and threatening to kill the people inside. Officers arrived and caught the intruder inside the house on the ground floor. He had entered the house through a window. The Custer man was booked into Whatcom County Jail for burglary, felony harassment for making a death threat and for outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants from Skagit County.

September 11:
Officers received report of an intoxicated minor unsuccessfully attempting to gain access to bars downtown. Officers found the 19-year-old Birch Bay teenager in his running vehicle parked along Peace Portal Drive. He appeared very intoxicated and after tests at the scene was arrested for being in physical control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated. The young man appeared very intoxicated, and alleged to have been drinking at one of the taverns, but officers contacted witnesses who had seen the young man being denied service and instructed to leave because of his age. Report forwarded to liquor control.

September 10:
U.S. Customs reported they were interviewing a driver whose privilege to operate a motor vehicle in Washington was suspended. An officer confirmed the Washington state suspension, and explained to the driver that she would need to return to Canada in order to take advantage of the B.C. driver’s license she presented in defense. She was issued a summons to appear in court for the violation.

September 9:
Two residents reported a group of young children were smoking in public view in a driveway on H Street. An officer contacted the boys and found they had no cigarettes in their possession. They were given a warning and their parents were advised.