Police Report -- January 09, 2003

Published on Thu, Jan 9, 2003
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January 5: Dispatch advised officers of a prowler in the Semiahmoo area. Contact was made with two individuals in the 900 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. A Bellingham resident was arrested for possession of paraphernalia and a firearm was recovered.
January 5: Officers responded to a domestic dispute in the 600 block of D Street. Officers contacted two Blaine residents who claimed they had been play wrestling. There were no signs of violence and no indication of a verbal dispute. Officers cleared with no action taken.
January 4: Officer received a call of a vehicle driving erratically in the parking lot of a business. Officer arrived on scene and saw a man standing next to the suspected vehicle. The man was found to have a suspended license and admitted to driving. The report was forwarded for review.
January 4: A person called from the 1400 block of Harrison Street to report an unwanted guest refusing to leave. Officers responded and contacted the guest. Further investigation showed that the problem was civil in nature. The subject left voluntarily and without incident.
January 3: Officer responded to an ALS aid call in the 1200 block of Harrison Street. An adult female was having severe abdominal cramps believed to be caused by influenza. The Blaine fire department arrived within minutes and took over care of the patient.
January 3: Officers responded to a report of a possible vandalism in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive and found two children playing with open house signs. The children were taken home and their parents were advised of the complaint.
January 3: A male gray shaggy dog became frightened in the thunder storm and ran away from home. A transient befriended the dog and walked him to the police station. An officer gave the dog accommodations for the evening. The humane society will be called if the owner is not located.
January 2: WCSO asked Blaine officers to check on a local resident in the 1500 block of D Street. Their vehicle was found in a ditch with nobody around it. It appeared that the vehicle had been stolen. Officers found the house unlocked and other things that indicated a burglary may have happened. Officers checked the house and secured it after finding no one.
January 2: Two separated parents complained of telephone harassment. Both of the parents are in the process of obtaining anti-harassment court orders. The parties will handle their harassment complaints and child visitation issues as a civil matter.
January 2: Complainant reported the possibility of a sibling committing suicide. The sibling was contacted and was in good spirits, alert and coherent.
January 1: Officers received a report of an intoxicated male walking through backyards in the 1300 block of Garfield Street. The area was checked, but the individual could not be located.
January 1: A U.S. border patrol agent reported a vehicle almost ran into his patrol vehicle in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive and was swerving all over the road. Officers stopped the vehicle and determined the driver to be DUI. The driver was arrested, processed, and released with a mandatory court appearance, and his vehicle was impounded.
December 31: Officers were dispatched to a person in the 500 block of F Street who wanted help getting to the hospital. They were afraid if they didn’t get help they might commit suicide. Officers gave the person a ride to the hospital.
December 30: Complainant reported the Border Brew building was struck by a customers’ vehicle. The driver left without attempting to provide any insurance information.
December 30: Officers responded to a suicidal subject in the 500 block of 8th Street. A Blaine resident was contacted and she was transported to the hospital on an involuntary commitment.
December 30: A person reported that an extremely intoxicated man was yelling in an apartment parking lot in the 1500 block of D Street. The person was worried that the drunk man was going to drive. While officers were trying to get clear from an emergency call the person phoned back and said that the drunk man had left. Officers stopped a vehicle that matched the description but the driver was not drunk.
December 30: Officers responded to a vehicle parked in the southbound lane of Yew Avenue with no lights on, and a person inside the car waving a flashlight. Upon arrival, officers found the vehicle had lost all power and the female driver was locked inside. Officers gained access to the vehicle and freed the hysterical woman. ..


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