Police Report -- December 19, 2002

Published on Thu, Dec 19, 2002
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December 15: An anonymous citizen reported a customer in a business in the 500 block of Peace Portal was in possession of a stun gun and it may have been used on another customer. Officers contacted the business owners and they stated a customer who had a stun gun had been asked to leave. No one reported the stun gun having been used on them.
December 15: Officers responded to a D/V assault that had just occurred in the 800 block of D Street. The suspect fled prior to officers’ arrival. The suspect also was violating a D/V no contact order and damaged a vehicle prior to leaving. Officers checked several residences but were unable to locate the suspect. The suspect was arrested the following day and booked into jail.
December 14: Officers responded to Blaine high school for a neck injury that occurred during a wrestling tournament. The patient was transported to the hospital via Whatcom County Medic One.
December 12: A person who had just been arrested for DUI said he had been assaulted by his girlfriend. He said she slapped him in the mouth and he claimed that made the breath sample bad. When it was explained to him that she would be arrested, he tried to change his story. Officers spoke to several witnesses and found there was never a dispute or an assault. Additional charges of false reporting may be added..


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