Police Report -- December 12, 2002

Published on Thu, Dec 12, 2002
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December 9: Officers assisted the Bellingham police by notifying a person that the vehicle in his possession had been taken without permission and that if he did not return it within the hour, it would be reported as stolen. The person was notified by Blaine officers and he agreed to arrange for the return of the truck. The incident itself is being handled by Bellingham PD.
December 9: A USBP agent found a stolen vehicle in the woods near the border. The vehicle, which was stolen out of Canada, was released to RCMP.
December 9: A resident in the 700 block of A Street reported her teenage daughters were arguing and would not stop until she threatened to call the police. The resident was advised to contact Whatcom County court for information on the youth at risk program and to call again if the arguing did not stop. The daughters decided to quit arguing.
December 8: Officers responded to an assault complaint at Resort Semiahmoo. Officers arrived and determined a domestic violence assault had occurred. A Ferndale resident was arrested while attempting to leave the premises. He was booked into Whatcom County jail for domestic violence assault IV and domestic violence malicious mischief.
December 7: Officers responded to a mutual aid request from WCSO for an assault in the 7800 block of Birch Bay Drive. Approximately eight or ten people were fighting inside of a bar. One person was arrested for assault.
December 6: Officers responded to the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive to check on a reported vehicle fire. The fire was too involved to be put out with a small fire extinguisher. Officers provided traffic control.
December 5: An officer contacted a driver who was travelling 91 mph in a 35 mph zone. He was issued a ticket. DOL will also be notified.
December 5: A person ran out in front of a marked police car in the 300 block of H Street. When the officer got out of his car, the person began assaulting the officer. The person was arrested and booked into jail.
December 4: A person in the 4200 block of H Street called police because his former spouse was on her way to his house and he did not want her there. Officers spoke to theformerspouse and convinced her to try to work on the problem over the phone. She agreed to do so. No crime.
December 4: A parent in the 4400 block of H Street reported she was concerned when she learned her 16-year-old daughter met a 17-year-old male on the internet, and the male had called their residence. An officer gave the parent advice about internet security.
December 3: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 4100 block of H Street when a stranger knocking on the door would not leave. The situation was settled upon contact with the responding officer.
December 3: A person told police that they had just witnessed a man assaulting a woman in a public place. Officers found the couple who admitted they were fighting. Officers arrested one person for domestic violence assault. The person was then booked into jail.


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