Police Report -- October 31, 2002

Published on Thu, Oct 31, 2002
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October 28: A resident complained about a former landlord who tried to collect a $200 card game bet. The resident said the landlord was holding his personal property as collateral. He was advised to get legal advice from an attorney.
October 28: Citizen purchased a laptop from an individual. While going through the computer, he found files belonging to someone else and contacted the individual. It was learned that the computer had been stolen. The computer was returned to its owner.
October 28: Officers responded to a complaint about a possible intoxicated driver who was running people off the road and found the driver who admitted to being high on drugs. The driver failed all field sobriety tests, was arrested and cited to court.
October 27: A parent in the 1000 block of Blaine Street intercepted a call from an out of state man who claimed to have met her 13-year-old daughter in an internet chat room. The man asked for the child by name. The caller I.D. number was passed to the police. Incident documented.
October 27: Officers received a report of a despondent woman in the 1600 block of Madison Street needing to talk to someone. Officers talked with the woman and gave her a phone number to contact the crisis center. Officers also contacted the woman’s family.
October 27: Report of loud people in the area of 6th and C streets. An officer contacted one of the party goers and learned it was an engagement party. The person said he would ask the group to quiet down.
October 27: Officer was given a weapon that was discovered in a residence that had been repossessed. The weapon was booked into safekeeping.
October 27: Officer responded to the 300 block of 8th Street on another matter and located child pornography in an abandoned house. The material was seized for destruction.
October 25: A person reported his windshield was cracked by a bag of trash that was thrown out of a vehicle in front of him. Officers were unable to contact the driver of the other vehicle. Report for information.
October 25: Officer received complaint from the 1300 block of Boblett Street of harassing phone calls. The suspect has been repeatedly calling the victim at work against his wishes. Case under investigation.
October 25: Officer located a driver in the 9600 block of SR543 who was wanted in a port running incident at the Pacific Highway. Driver was found to be DWLS 3rd. Driver processed and released to U.S. Immigration.
October 25: Officer was sent to the 200 block of 14th Street regarding vandalism to a vehicle. Officer found a 1998 Dodge pick-up that had been keyed all the way around. Under investigation.
October 25: Officer was contacted by a mother in the 1500 bock of D Street who reported her son had been gone for over 24 hours. A juvenile runaway report was completed and he was entered into WACIC/NCIC.
October 25: Officers were dispatched to a residence in the 1500 block of D Street in reference to a boy who was tearing up his bedroom. When officers arrived the son was gone, and he was not contacted. Case will be referred to juvenile prosecutor for charges.
October 22: Report of an elderly man looking for his wife at a business in the 400 block of C Street, but his wife was not there. The man was gone when officers arrived. Patrol was provided.
October 21: Driver 1 was at a stop waiting for a traffic signal in the 700 block of SR543, when driver 2 collided with the rear of his car. It was determined driver 2 was following too closely. There were no injuries and officer recorded driver’s info.
October 21: A resident in the 900 block of Harrison Street requested extra patrol in her neighborhood. The resident reported someone had dug up a tree in her front yard. Report taken and information passed on to patrol.
October 21: Officers were dispatched to a business/customer dispute in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive. On arrival, officer found a disorderly conduct charge may be appropriate against the customer. Charges pending identification of customer.
October 21: A man who had been drinking became angered by a barking dog in the 600 block of A Street and challenged a neighbor to a fight. The man shouted profanity in front of children and other neighbors. A summons for disorderly conduct was submitted to the P.A.

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