Police Report -- October 10, 2002

Published on Thu, Oct 10, 2002
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October 7: A resident in the 1000 block of Peace Portal glanced out a window into the alley and saw a man who was masturbating under a street light. Officers did not locate the suspect, described as a white male, 5’8”, wearing jeans and a black sweatshirt.
October 7: A narcotics task force detective assisted the Sumas police department with a narcotics investigation. A vehicle and approximately 261 pounds of “BC” bud were seized. Case under investigation.
October 6: An anonymous citizen reported seeing two vehicles speeding and displaying what appeared to be weapons at each other. Officers contacted the occupants who said they were pointing fingers at each other. No weapons were found.
October 6: A person in the 1600 block of Runge Road called to report hearing someone inside his residence. Offices responded and the K-9 team checked the residence. No one was found inside.
October 6: Officers received a report of people in the street yelling. Officers arrived and contacted the individuals. It was determined there was a disagreement between friends and the situation was resolved.
October 6: Officers were dispatched to a possible domestic dispute. Upon arrival, an intoxicated female was found outside yelling. The female asked officers for help with mental health issues. She was provided with a ride to the hospital.
October 5: Officers were dispatched to a physical domestic dispute in the 1300 block of Peace Portal. The victim who had reported the incident refused to cooperate with police. The suspect had left the area. Officers searched for the suspect but were unable to locate him.
October 5: A person in the 200 block of Boblett Street reported one of her cars was stolen while she was on vacation. It was discovered that the car was impounded by the WSP because the driver did not have a license. Charges will be forwarded to the occupants.
October 5: A resident reported two juveniles in the 1000 block of Blaine Avenue playing with a lighter and spray paint. Officer contacted the juveniles and warned them about the dangers of playing with fire. The juveniles’ parents were notified.
October 4: A California resident applied for entry at the Peace Arch POE. Upon examination, a small quantity of steroids were found. He was arrested and booked into jail for possession of a controlled substance.
October 4: Complainant reported a female subject used his credit card to rent a room at a local motel for a night without his authorization. Case under investigation.
October 4: A person reported being the victim of severe physical and mental abuse by her spouse. She also reported her life having been threatened with deadly weapons. Case is under investigation.
October 4: Officer in the 1000 block of Mary Avenue checked on an impounded vehicle. The vehicle had been tagged as abandoned seven days earlier. Officer impounded the vehicle.
October 4: Citizen reported allowing a friend to stay with him and when he came home he discovered several items missing. Officers contacted the suspect and recovered most of the items. Case forwarded to prosecutor for charges.
October 4: A person at SR543 at H Street reported that the traffic lights were not working. Officers watched the lights for several minutes and found they were working properly.
October 4: Officer received a report of a juvenile hitch-hiking in the early morning hours in the 1800 block of Peace Portal. Officers located a subject and discovered it was a fisherman walking back to his boat. Officer provided him with a ride back to the dock.
October 3: Complainant reported that her daughter had not gone to school after she dropped her off to catch the bus. Officer searched for the runaway, who was later located at her residence. Officer determined the daughter skipped school.
October 3: Officers were dispatched to the 300 block of B Street for a diabetic female. Upon arrival, the female become combative and officers were forced to restrain her and transport her to the hospital for an evaluation.
October 3: Officer transported a person from the train depot to U.S. customs. The person entered the U.S. via Amtrak and there was a warrant for his arrest.
October 3: Complainant in the 1200 block of 4th Street reported her ex-husband had passed out at her house and she wanted him to leave. The man was awakened by officers and asked to leave. He complied.
October 2: Officers were alerted to a subject who was conducting business in the 200 block of G Street, who had an outstanding federal warrant for telemarketing fraud. Subject was located, arrested and transported to Whatcom county jail.
October 2: Female in the 200 block of G Street was arrested for conspiracy to commit telemarketing fraud against the elderly. She was transported to Whatcom county jail and booked.
October 2: Officer was asked to check on the welfare of a person who was exhibiting signs of depression. Officers checked on the adult female and talked to her about some solutions to her problem.
October 1: Officers were dispatched to an injury collision in the 200 block of 8th Street involving a truck and pedestrian. Officers monitored the patient until medics arrived. The patient suffered minor injuries and was taken to hospital by a relative.
October 1: A person reported that her ex-husband was possibly involved in widespread embezzlement, fraud, forgery and theft by deception. Complainant referred to the Washington state attorney general’s office.
October 1: Officers responded to a report of a juvenile female who had overdosed on unknown prescription pills. The juvenile was transported to St. Joseph’s Hospital by ambulance.

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