Police Report -- September 05, 2002

Published on Thu, Sep 5, 2002
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September 3: A mother requested help from the police in locating her adult daughter. She is concerned for the safety of her daughter. The daughter’s employer was contacted and a message was left for the daughter to contact the mother.
September 2: A Blaine officer contacted a 17-year-old male who was sleeping on school district property. The young man said he was taking a nap before returning home. The boy walked to his nearby residence. His mother was notified.
September 1: Officer received an anonymous report of a transient in Lincoln Park with a warming fire. Officer located the individual and warned him about the fire hazard and overnight camping. The man left the area.
September 1: Officer responded to a call of a man stuck in the mud flats along with this dog. Man and pet managed to free themselves. Officers are warning pet owners about the fragile Marine Drive shoreline bird nesting and feeding areas.
August 31: Officer stopped a subject in the 7800 block of Birch Bay Drive for a traffic violation. Officer determined the subject was suspended 3rd degree, under the influence of alcohol and violating a protection order. Subject was booked into the county jail.
August 31: A motorist reported being accosted by an erratic driver who made profane gestures at them in the 500 block of Peace Portal. Under investigation.
August 31: A citizen in the 9700 block of Lincoln Lane called to ask for police assistance in issuing a trespass notice to a person he’d found camping on his property on occasion. Officers will be watching for the party.
August 30: A teenager in the 500 block of 10th Street reported her five-year-old brother disappeared from their home without a trace. An extensive search was launched with help from border patrol, fire and customs. Turned out mom had the boy and did not tell the other kids.
August 28: Officer was contacted by a citizen who found garbage on I-5 at the 274 off-ramp. Citizen placed the garbage on the side of the road and brought in a piece of paper with a possible suspect’s name on it. Under investigation.
August 28: Officers responded to a verbal domestic dispute between two roommates in the 1000 block of Harrison Avenue. The dispute was over a television show. The roommates agreed to watch separate televisions.
August 28: Officers were noticed of a sick and injured deer in the 2100 block of Dodd Street. Officers arrived and found the deer was near death. Officers dispatched the deer after consulting with a wildlife rescue officer who was on scene.
August 28: A person in the 2400 block of Bell Road reported that an ex-girlfriend had stolen his go-kart. After investigating, it was determined to be a civil matter.
August 27: Officers stopped a vehicle in the 8900 block of Blaine Road whose driver was known to be DWLS. Upon stopping, the driver attempted to throw a package containing a controlled substance into the woods. Driver was arrested and booked on felony drug charges.
August 27: Officer was advised of an unsupervised child walking in the 1700 block of H Street. Officer located the five year old and escorted him home. His mother did not realize he had left the yard.
August 27: Officer contacted two juvenile males at the Blaine Cemetery who were leaning into a crypt. The males were warned about trespassing.
August 26: Officers were dispatched to a dispute involving two roommates in the 1000 block of Harrison Avenue. One had stopped paying rent and was refusing to leave. Officers talked to both parties who agreed to be civil until the roommate could find a new place to live.
August 26: Officer was advised of an unresponsive female in the 200 block of Marine Drive. Officer found the woman slumped over a bench. She was unconscious but breathing. Aid responded and took over the scene.
August 26: A mother advised police that her son was riding his bicycle in the 400 block of F Street when another child placed a board in his spokes and caused him to crash. No damage was done to bicycle and no injuries to child. Ongoing neighbor dispute.
August 25: Officers received a report of two male teenagers in the 1100 block of H Street who were observed running across the roof of the high school. Officers responded and checked the roof and inside the building. No one was found..

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