Police Report -- August 15, 2002

Published on Thu, Aug 15, 2002
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August 13: A clerk in the 1500 block of H Street phoned police to report a woman who was making threats to leave her 93 year old father in the US. She said she was going to return to Canada without him. She changed her mind and decided it was time to look for a nursing home.
August 12: Second hand report of kids playing in a person’s backyard in
the 600 block of 10th Street, while she was at work. An officer patrolled the neighborhood. No kids were found in the backyard or the surrounding block.
August 12: An officer was advised of a telephone call that took place between two parties who were involved in an earlier assault. The parties were advised to cease contact with each other to avoid any further escalation.
August 12: Officer was dispatched to a possible subject drinking in a vehicle outside an H Street business. On arrival, officer contacted a passenger of a vehicle who was on private property. The man discarded the alcohol before leaving.
August 12: A person in the 400 block of F Street filed a complaint against her neighbor’s children for throwing plums at their van. No one actually saw the kids throw anything. Both parties were advised to stay away from each other.
August 12: Officer was approached while on a traffic stop in the 1300 block of 4th Street and was asked to turn off the emergency lights because it was bothering people in the neighborhood. The person was warned about interfering with officers while on duty.
August 11: Officers responded to a report of a person run over by a small truck in the 1600 block of Peace Portal. A description was provided of the fleeing vehicle. Officers located the truck in the county. The driver was arrested and booked. The victim suffered minor injuries.
August 11: Officers assisted USBP agents with a vehicle stop on I-5 south, and the arrest of eight individuals who had entered the country illegally. The person who had smuggled people in was also
August 11: Officers assisted US Border Patrol with the capture of nine illegal aliens attempting to enter the US by running through the mud flats. Officers helped transport some of the people after they were detained.
August 10: A parent in the 300 block of H Street contacted police seeking assistance with her son who had violated his probation. A Superior Court judge reviewed the circumstances and ordered the boy be taken to juvenile detention. He was booked without incident.
August 9: A resident in the 1200 block of Blaine Street complained about harassment from her former babysitter. An officer contacted the former employee and advised her of the complaint.
August 9: An officer contacted two drivers who were accusing each other of running a red light in the 300 block of D Street. The dispute was settled peacefully and the incident was documented.
August 9: A resident reported a strange man contacted her in the post office and asked her inappropriate personal questions. The incident was reported later in the day and the man was not located. Report for informational purposes.
August 8: An officer assisted the humane society with an animal related complaint in the 100 block of Marine Drive. A dog was left in a vehicle without food or water and the windows were rolled up. The complaint was investigated by the Whatcom Humane Society.
August 8: Officer was advised of a strange message that had been left on another subjects’ cell phone.
August 8: A parent reported her child had used force to break in a locked room and steal money. The child was arrested and booked into juvenile detention.
August 7: A resident in the 500 block of F Street reported the theft of an attic full of furniture. She believes the crime was committed by her relatives over a nine month period. Case under investigation.
August 7: Officer was dispatched to a business in the 1700 block of H Street in reference to a juvenile male they had in custody who was accused of shoplifting four push-pops. Officer contacted the boy and his parent. The report will be forwarded to the prosecutor for charges.
August 7: Report of a theft from a storage locker in the 900 block of Boblett Street. Some time in the past two weeks, a box containing a lifetime accumulation of collectible currency was stolen. Loss is estimated at $3,500. Case under investigation.
August 7: Officer was dispatched to a bar in the 600 block of Peace Portal where a man was caught defrauding patrons by selling gold chains that turned out to be fake. The suspect left the area but was located and returned to the bar where he offered to refund purchases.
August 7: A juvenile reported to police that another juvenile threw urine in her face after meeting with her at a residence in the 300 block of Cedar, possibly in retaliation for an incident a week earlier. Under investigation as an assault/malicious mischief.
August 6: An officer responded to a report that a lady was screaming near the women’s restroom in Peace Arch State Park. Officers searched the area and found no one in need of help, and no one in the park reported seeing anything unusual.

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