Police Report -- August 01, 2002

Published on Thu, Aug 1, 2002
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July 28: A local park ranger requested assistance in Peace Arch Park to remove a group of disruptive young people from the park property. The group consisted of about 15 cars comprising about 50 people. The people left after some initial reluctance.
July 28: A resident reported having found an unattended toddler in her backyard. The problem appears to be ongoing. Case under investigation.
July 27: A US Customs inspector intercepted a driver with a marijuana pipe and 61 valium tablets. A Blaine office investigated the incident. The case will be submitted to the prosecutor for charges.
July 27: A resident in the 500 block of F Street complained about being harassed by a neighbor after the resident used a blower, causing debris to end up on the neighbor’s property. The resident requested no further police action.
July 27: While conducting a traffic stop in the 1700 block of H Street, officer encountered a subject hiding in the back of the vehicle. All occupants were removed from the vehicle. Three were arrested by WCSO on unrelated charges. The driver received an infraction.
July 27: Officers contacted a male subject on a bike riding up H Street. The subject stated he had tried to call a neighbor to pick him up, but was unsuccessful. Officers located the neighbor, who transported the man home.
July 27: A citizen complained the noise being made by some young children in an apartment complex in the 200 block of Alder Street was keeping people awake. A parent was contacted and asked to close the doors so the noise would not carry out of the apartment.
July 27: Officers received an anonymous complaint of a subject driving a car with his children improperly restrained. Officers located the subject near his vehicle and advised him of the complaint and traffic safety laws.
July 27: Officer received a call from dispatch to check the 4200 block of H Street for three intoxicated juveniles walking in the roadway. The area was checked to the 3200 block, but no one was found.
July 26: An officer completed a malicious mischief report after an unknown person used a lighter to burn holes in the ceiling of a vehicle in the 2100 block of Peace Portal. The repair is estimated at $200.
July 25: Complainant reported two teenage male subjects were burning a shoe in the middle of the road in the 4100 block of H Street. Officer located the two male subjects and advised them of a burn ban in effect. Male subjects stated they were sorry.
July 24: A person came home from work in the 200 block of Peace Arch Court and found his bedroom window open. Someone had turned on the outside faucet and two inside faucets. He also found eggs on his house and car. Juveniles admitted to doing it and apologized to the home owner.
July 24: A complainant was received regarding two juvenile males who urinated in a front yard in the 1200 block of Hughes Avenue. A parent of the juveniles has been contacted. Case under investigation.
July 24: An officer responded with the fire department to check on a victim of an auto/pedestrian hit and run accident who was now at a local hotel. The accident occurred on Dakota Creek Bridge and was turned over to WSP.
July 23: An individual in the 300 block of H Street reported a possible identity theft. Officer completed an informational report for insurance purposes. Investigation being completed to determine if a crime has occurred.
July 23: Neighbors in the 200 block of D Street called the police and complained about each other’s inappropriate comments. An office advised each party of the mutual complainants. Both neighbors agreed not to communicate.
July 23: Officers were contacted by an anonymous citizen who reported seeing a man who appeared to be intoxicated in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive getting into a truck. Officers observed the truck leave at a high rate of speed. Driver was contacted and arrested for DUI.
July 22: Officer stopped a driver in the 800 block of H Street for not wearing his seatbelt and found he was DWLS 3rd. It was found the driver was a Washington resident who had not obtained proper registration of drivers’ license as required by law.

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