Police Report -- July 25, 2002

Published on Thu, Jul 25, 2002
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July 22: Officer spoke to a store owner in the 1700 block of H Street regarding a suspicious transaction at a local business. A person purchased several items that are commonly used in the manufacture of methamphetamine. No suspect information was available.
July 21: Complainant reported a male subject came into her business in the 200 block of D Street and bought a meal worth $5.81. Complainant said the subject walked out without paying for his food. Officer located the subject and arrested him for theft 3rd.
July 21: Complainant reported he found a baby sea lion stranded on the beach. The mother had not returned for two days. Officer contacted an animal rescue organization who saved the helpless baby sea lion.
July 21: Dispatch reported the gate to the railroad crossing along Marine Drive was down and there was no train. Officer arrived and directed traffic for one hour and thirty five minutes, until a railroad employee fixed the gate.
July 21: Dispatch reported a female subject was standing on the corner of the 1700 block of H Street screaming at cars as they went by. Officer contacted the female subject who denied screaming at anyone, but did agree to move away from the road.
July 20: Officers received a call of a truck being driven recklessly in the 400 block of F Street. Officers spoke with the witness and it was determined the main cause for complaint was a dispute between neighbors.
July 19: Officer was contacted by a concerned citizen in the 300 block of Clark Street who reported his neighbor’s dog had killed his cat. The citizen only wanted a report made in case there were further problems with the dog.
July 19: Citizen reported a male subject in front of his business in the 300 block of D Street asking people for money. Officer arrived and talked with the subject until Border Patrol arrived. Subject was taken into custody for illegal entry into the U.S.
July 18: Officers were dispatched to a report of a male becoming rude and upset when asked to move his car from a no parking area at a local business. Officers contacted the man who calmed down and moved his car.
July 17: A citizen in the 300 block of B Street called to report one of her neighbors was slamming doors and being loud. The citizen reported the problem to her landlord. Officers checked the area and found it to be quiet.
July 16: A citizen in the 400 block of F Street reported that after she accused her neighbor’s children of coming into her yard, their mother screamed at her and spit in her face. Case under investigation.
July 16: Victim reported his bike was stolen in the 600 block of F Street and he saw a boy putting parts from his stolen bike onto another bike. The victim confronted the teenage boy who denied stealing the bike. Case under investigation.
July 15: Complainant reported a male subject came into the pharmacy and used a forged doctor’s prescription. When the complainant requested identification, the male subject left the area. Case under investigation.
July 15: Officer was dispatched to a verbal dispute at the corner of 6th and H Street. Officer contacted the young couple who were arguing about numerous issues. Both left without further incident.
July 15: Officer dispatched to a residence in Semiahmoo in reference to a bat that was inside a house. Officer assisted the home owner in removing the bat from her living room.
July 14: Officers responded to a disturbance in a bar in the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. Officers determined the dispute was verbal only. The two patrons were trespassed from the location indefinitely. Officers provided extra patrol throughout the evening.
July 14: Officer responded to the Peace Arch POE regarding a subject who was in possession of marijuana and a fictitious driver’s license. Subject was processed and released with mandatory court date.
July 12: Officer stopped a driver in the 1100 block of D Street for not wearing his seatbelt. Officer found his vehicle registration was expired, he did not have current insurance, and he had not transferred his registration. Infractions were issued accordingly.
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