Police Report -- June 27, 2002

Published on Thu, Jun 27, 2002
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June 23: A person stopped in front of a moving patrol vehicle in the 9500 block of Harvey Road in an attempt to stop the patrol car. After a near collision, the person was contacted by the officer and arrested for disorderly conduct.
June 23: A person reported her neighbor was harassing her by yelling obscenities in the 1000 block of Adelia Street. Both stated they would obtain orders through the court if necessary.
June 21: K-9 Team responded to a location in Lynden to help officers locate a felon that had fled from custody. After a long trek, it was determined the subject had left the area in a vehicle.
June 21: Complainant in the 800 block of Harrison Avenue reported her business received a Canadian ten dollar bill which may have been counterfeit. Officer determined the bill was counterfeit and impounded it. The case will be forwarded to the proper agency.
June 20: Officer sent to the 1200 block of Mitchell Street regarding a report of an injured bird. Officer checked the area but could not locate the bird.
June 20: A family in the 100 block of 8th Street complained they were being harassed by a man in California who once had contact with their daughter. The family was advised to obtain a protection order from district court and have it served in California.
June 20: A resident received a strange letter from a person in Canada. An investigation revealed the letter writer is under medical supervision and is not a threat to the public. The letter was referred to Abbotsford RCMP.
June 20: A resident in the 300 block of Cherry Street reported someone took an antique lawn sprinkler valued at $75 from his front lawn. The base looks like a World War I tank with a brass spinning arm. An investigation is in progress.
June 20: It was reported an individual had not reported to work for several days and the employer was worried. All information received by police supports the possibility that the individual had skipped town of his own volition. Employer was notified.
June 20: Officer responded to the 300 block of Boblett Street regarding found property located by a homeowner at that address. He stated he did not know how the soda and lighter got into his yard or who put them there.
June 20: Officer sent to the 1600 block of Runge Road regarding an ongoing harassment issue with a girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend. She did not want to press charges but wanted officer to ask him to stop calling. Ex-boyfriend was advised.
June 20: Officer received several anonymous calls regarding a group of youths, skateboarding nude at the Peace Arch monument. Officers checked the area, but the youths were gone.
June 20: A citizen reported a door-to-door salesman who became upset when told the citizen was not interested in buying anything. The citizen was advised to contact the company about the employee. No crime.
June 20: Officer located a laundry basket full of dirty clothing in the middle of the roadway in the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officer impounded the clothing until the owner could claim it.. .

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