Police Report -- March 07, 2002

Published on Thu, Mar 7, 2002
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March 4: An individual reported several drills taken from a construction site in the 1000 block of H Street sometime over the weekend. The case is under investigation.
March 4: An officer apprehended a young pitbull dog in the 900 block of Blaine Avenue that had been running loose. The dog was turned over to the humane society.
March 3: Officers responded to a noise complaint in the 300 block of B Street and learned a verbal dispute had just occurred. The parties were separated when officers arrived. The residents agreed to keep the noise down.
March 3: An officer was nearly hit head on by a vehicle traveling at twice the posted speed limit while passing another vehicle in a curve in the 4700 block of Drayton Harbor. The officer arrested the driver for reckless driving. The driver stated he was in a hurry to get home.
March 3: A resident in the 5500 block of Peregrine Way reported her Lexus was spray painted with silver and gold paint while it was parked in St. Andrews Green. The paint was removed and didn’t leave any permanent damage. Eight more vehicles were discovered having been spray-painted as well. Four vehicles in the 8300 block of Bald Eagle Drive and four in the 5300 block of Canvasback Road. The paint was removed and left no permanent damage. The cases are under investigation.
March 3: A boat owner reported the theft of a hydraulic crab davit crane from his boat in the 200 block of Marine Drive. The loss was estimated at $350. No one observed the suspects cutting hoses and tubing with a grinder while the boat was docked in the commercial moorings.
March 2: Officers stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction in the 2200 block of Bell Road and discovered the driver was suspended. The subject was issued a criminal citation with a mandatory court date and released. The vehicle was impounded.
March 2: A local towing company notified officers about a subject with possible arrest warrants coming into town. Officers asked the manager to inform them when the subject arrived.
March 2: A resident reported two vehicles and her garage were egged by an unknown person in the 400 block of 10th Street. The residue was washed off and there was no damage. The case is under investigation.
March 2: A resident in the 400 block of F Street reported an intoxicated sleeping man was exposing himself to public view. Officers arrested the man for lewd conduct and transported him to detox. He was cited to court.
March 2: An officer assisted parents of an 11-year-old boy by counseling the child after he took money from the family’s restaurant. The boy apologized for his crime, returned the money, and was repentant. No further police action.
March 2: An officer contacted a motorist who reported hitting a sign in the median in the 100 block of D Street. The driver said he did not see the sign because the sun had blinded him. The officer advised the state in order to have the sign replaced.
March 2: Officers contacted an intoxicated person at a business in the 1500 block of H Street who was about to drive. Officers advised the person not to drive and impounded his keys for safekeeping.
March 2: An officer stopped a vehicle for speeding on H Street and determined the driver was DUI. The driver was arrested, processed, and released with a mandatory court date. The vehicle was impounded.
March 2: A Blaine officer responded to the Peace Arch POE for a subject with a suspended license. He was issued a criminal citation with a mandatory court date. The vehicle was impounded.
March 1: A person stole a horse from a field in the 1800 block of D Street and took the horse to Canada. The person was apprehended in Canada by the RCMP. Due to jurisdictional issues, a report was taken and charges will be forwarded.
March 1: Blaine police received reports from Whatcom County residents that a male has been falsely claiming to be a Blaine police auxiliary officer. An officer warned the male of possible consequences. The male understood.
March 1: Officers assisted WCSO by responded to an alarm call in the 9500 block of Harvey Road. A subject had entered a residence without permission. The owner requested officers stand by while she removed her property.
March 1: Officers responded to an aid call at the Blaine middle school. They assisted medics by providing crowd control while medics checked on a student who fell after colliding with another student.
February 28: Officers responded to the 800 block of Mitchell Street for an out of control juvenile. Officers assisted by removing the child and returning him to his home.
February 28: An officer responded to a theft call that occurred earlier at the school in the locker room. The officer contacted the suspects who admitted to the theft. The property was returned to the owners. Charges were filed.
February 28: Officers responded to the Peace Arch POE for a disruptive female. Officers arrested and booked her into Whatcom County Jail for two counts of assault three and obstructing an officer.
February 28: A citizen reported seeing his ATV that had been stolen approximately three weeks ago. The vehicle was returned to the citizen.
February 28: An officer received a report of possible threats made by an individual. The officer contacted the parties involved and learned one individual had decided to leave the area. No crime.

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