Police Report -- January 10, 2002

Published on Thu, Jan 10, 2002
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January 8: Officers saw a juvenile walking late at night in an area where crimes have been occurring in the 700 block of School Drive. Officers identified the person who was walking home from his brother’s house.
January 7: A person reported two juveniles walking in the 1800 block of Peace Portal. They were wearing backpacks and dressed inappropriately for the weather. Officer was unable to respond until completing a domestic call. Officer was unable to locate the subjects.
January 7: A person reported their dog had been injured by another dog in the 700 block of C Street. The dog had wandered onto the property of another dog and was bitten. The matter will be referred to the Whatcom County Humane Society for any follow-up.
January 7: A person reported that someone had slept in her car during the night in the 400 block of Peace Portal and had urinated on the back seat. Cigarette butts and a rip in the seat were also discovered. The suspect is a transient no longer in the area.
January 7: A citizen reported three vehicles which speed down his street in the 300 block of H Street at the same time each morning. Extra patrol will be provided when possible.
January 6: A citizen reported being stranded in Blaine without food or money. Officer provided the citizen with a Salvation Army coupon for a hot meal and a bus token.
January 5: Officer contacted a citizen who requested assistance in retrieving his property from a local business in the 1500 block of H Street. The business refused to return the property without a receipt. A receipt was located and the item was returned.
January 5: While on patrol, an officer came upon an injury accident in the 5700 block of Drayton Harbor Road. Officer stopped and rendered assistance until the arrival of the fire department and Washington State Patrol. While rendering assistance, officer received minor cuts and bruises.
January 5: Officers received a report of a red bag that may have been lost in the 200 block of H Street. Informational report only.
January 5: Officers were dispatched to a fight in progress in the 1400 block of Harrison Avenue. Officers arrived and arrested a male for domestic violence assault.
January 4: A citizen reported a suspicious male entering a vehicle parked next to hers several times in a parking lot at a local business. Officer contacted the male and learned the vehicle belongs to his wife. No crime.
January 3: An individual applied for a concealed pistol license and was fingerprinted as part of the process. All necessary background checks will be completed as required by law before a license is issued.
January 3: Officer received a report of a male subject who had made serious threats towards people at a place of business in the 200 block of H Street. The threats were made at a different location. A police report was taken where the threat was made.
January 3: A citizen reported that person(s) unknown had unlawfully withdrawn money from his credit card account via an internet web site. Case under investigation.
January 1: A resident in the 9700 block of Allan Street reported the theft of a blue spruce valued at $30. The tree was cut from the side of his house around December 20th. No suspects were seen.
January 1: Two children reported having their skate boards stolen from the Cost Cutter. One board had green wheels and a picture of a dragon and the other board had a picture of flame boy. Case under investigation.
January 1: Officers contacted an individual seen walking away from another incident involving a suspicious individual in the 500 block of E Street. The subject was not involved with the other incident and was released.
January 1: An individual reported having a problem with the manner in which the owner of a business in the 700 block of Peace Portal had treated him. No crime.
January 1: Officers received a call of a suspicious person outside a residence in the 300 block of 8th Street. Officers arrived and checked the area. Officers were unable to locate any suspicious activity. Disturbance may have been caused by fireworks.
December 31: Officer stopped a vehicle for driving on the wrong side of the road at Hughes at Bell Road. Officer discovered the driver had a suspended driver’s license. Driver was arrested and released with a court appearance. Vehicle impounded.
December 31: A person was concerned about two dogs in a van in the 300 block of Alder Street. He wanted to make sure that they were being taken care of. Officers contacted the owner and checked on the dogs. No problem existed.
December 29: Officers were dispatched to an intrusion alarm in the 900 block of H Street. Officers arrived and found a juvenile had been looking through the glass and pushed on the door. The juvenile apologized and said she would not do it again.
December 28: Officer received a report of tires being slashed in the 600 block of 11th Street. Case under investigation.
December 28: An individual called police for help after a subject intimidated her during an official interview. The subject fled as officers arrived and refused to stop when ordered. He was apprehended after a brief chase and arrested for obstructing.

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