Police Report -- October 18, 2001

Published on Thu, Oct 18, 2001
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October 16: Officers were asked to assist Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies on a domestic violence call in the 4200 block of Cody Lane. Officers responded and assisted. No arrests were made, and officers cleared.
October 15: Officers received a report of a found credit card from U.S. Customs agents. Officers determined the credit card was not stolen but had some possible unauthorized uses recently. The case is under investigation.
October 15: Officers received a report of a burglary to a residence which is currently under renovation in the 5500 block of Drayton Harbor Road.
October 15: Blaine police received a report of theft of personal property in the 700 block of Cedar Street. The case is under investigation.
October 14: Blaine police transported a subject to the Whatcom County Jail for U.S. Customs. The subject was arrested in the 400 block of Peace Portal Drive on a felony warrant out of Idaho.
October 14: A business in the 1700 block of H Street reported an individual digging through their dumpster. The man became angry when an employee came out to see what was happening. The man was trespassed from the business.
October 14: U.S. Customs reported a vehicle being driven with switched license plates at the Peace Arch POE. The license plates belong to another vehicle the driver owns. The driver will be issued an infraction for the violation. The license plates were returned to DOL.
October 14: Officers assisted immigration at the Peace Arch POE with a subject who had a suspended driver’s license. The subject was arrested, processed and released. His vehicle was towed to Crown Towing.
October 14: Officers responded to an unruly house guest in the 400 block of D Street who was intoxicated and refusing to leave. On arrival, officers found that the guest rented a room from the complainant and violated the rules. Officers arrested him on warrants.
October 13: An individual in the 1600 block of Portal Way reported receiving threats over his amateur radio in the county. He has been in a year-long argument on the radio over transmitting etiquette, and was afraid the FCC would not take him seriously. He was referred to WCSO.
October 13: Blaine police, WCSO and the U.S. Coast Guard were put on watch for an Arlington resident who called a friend to say he was in Blaine and “going for a swim intending to never come back.” He was found safe at home.
October 13: An officer located two subjects conducting illegal crabbing activities in the 100 block of Marine Drive. The subjects were told of the closure and warned about the hazards. They agreed to move to a different area to crab.
October 13: A 19-year-old Lynden resident flagged down a Blaine officer in the 3000 block of H Street. The young man had accidentally shot himself in the leg while hunting. The man was transported to the hospital.
October 12: A citizen in the 200 block of Boblett Street reported a juvenile entered her home after being told she was not welcome there. The citizen’s juvenile son brought her to the residence. The citizen also turned in a small amount of marijuana she found in her home.
October 12: A citizen reported finding her vehicle’s hub caps missing after leaving it parked unattended for a week in the 200 block of Martin Street. There are no suspects at this time.
October 11: A citizen reported being charged more than the estimate for car repairs. The citizen was advised the matter is civil and was referred to the Washington state attorney general office.
October 10: Police were called when a white powdery substance was found in the coin return of a payphone in the 9000 block of state route 543. The substance was
determined to be baking soda.
October 9: An individual requested a civil standby, in order for her to retrieve some personal items from an ex-boyfriend’s residence. The officer is arranging a time for her to pick up the items with police presence.
October 9: Officers received a report of vandalism to aluminum siding in the 1100 block of Mary Avenue. The case is under investigation.
October 9: Officers received a report of two intoxicated individuals harassing customers in the 300 block of D Street. Officers contacted the individuals who agreed to go home without incident.
October 9: A witness reported he saw a male subject give another juvenile male subject some money for popping the tires of a law enforcement vehicle in the 400 block of Martin Street. This is reported to have happened sometime last year. The case is under investigation.
October 8: An officer investigated a possible burglary where tools were taken from a fishing boat in the 300 block of Marine Drive. The officer contacted the individuals involved and charges will be filed for burglary and theft..


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