Police Report -- September 20, 2001

Published on Thu, Sep 20, 2001
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September 18: A police department light circuit failed. An employee reset what he thought might be the right breaker switch. Dispatch took eight calls from nearby residents who feared the fire siren he accidentally turned on was an air raid warning.
September 17: A resident in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive reported her child’s blue and yellow Rampage mountain bike was stolen from their house over the weekend. She did not know who would have taken it.
September 17: Officers were dispatched to a physical domestic at a residence in the 500 block of G Street. It was determined that one individual had thrown a glass candle holder at a wall inside the residence. An individual was booked for domestic violence/malicious mischief 3rd.
September 17: U.S. Customs reported an adult male in possession of 6.7 grams of marijuana. A Blaine officer contacted the man who told the officer the marijuana was his. The man was arrested and released with a court date.
September 17: A resident reported a male hiding in the bushes near her home in the 1300 block of E Street. An officer and U.S. Border agents contacted the male. The male was a U.S. Citizen/transient who had been sleeping in the bushes. He left the area following the officer’s contact.
September 17: A motel manager in the 300 block of Alder Street reported a female causing a disturbance inside one of the rooms. The female was yelling/possibly doing damage. The officer spoke to the female who was yelling but caused no damage. She was asked to leave and she did so.
September 17: A parent in the 400 block of 10th Street asked officers to scare her daughter into going to school. Officers talked with the daughter who said she would go to school.
September 17: A resident reported to police that the railroad crossing at Bell Road and Peace Portal Drive was activated and there were no trains and traffic was backing up. Officers notified Burlington Northern and directed traffic.
September 14: Officers on patrol encountered a stranger in the 1200 block of Peace Portal Drive carrying a backpack. The man related he was walking to Bellingham after being refused entry into Canada.
September 14: An abandoned vehicle impound warning was placed on a 1989 Plymouth Caravan that has been parked on Peace Portal Drive for a number of days.
September 13: A citizen had 15 crab pots stolen from his web locker in the 400 block of Marine Drive. There is a witness to the crime who gave police an excellent description of the suspect and their truck. Officers are looking for the truck.
September 13: A resident complained about a man on a bicycle who was letting his large dog run loose. She said the dog was three blocks behind the man. Officers are working with the humane society to decide on the best enforcement action.
September 13: Officers contacted a truck driver who cut into the border line up. The incident was settled peacefully.
September 13: Officers responded to a report of a possible domestic with injuries in the 1300 block of Blaine Road. Officers arrived and discovered an individual had cut his wrist while attempting to close a screen door. Fire department personnel handled the call.
September 13: Officers assisted U.S. Border patrol officers with the search and apprehension of two adults who crossed the border illegally.
September 13: Officers responded to a report of men in two vehicles who were possible narcotic dealers in the 300 block of Alder Street. The men and vehicles were gone when officers arrived..


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