Police Report -- August 16, 2001

Published on Thu, Aug 16, 2001
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August 13: A citizen reported a female juvenile had come to a business in the 200 block of Cherry to report having been assaulted. Investigation determined the incident involved a mother disciplining an unruly daughter.
August 13: A citizen reported a child’s bicycle abandoned on the side of the road in the 1600 block of Peace Portal. Officer picked up the bike and impounded it for safekeeping.
August 13: A citizen reported the theft of a blue boy’s bicycle from the area of the elementary school. The bicycle has the word “whomp” on the top bar and has “zero” in yellow lettering on the seat.
August 13: A citizen reported attempting to purchase a can of soda pop from a vending machine in the 300 block of Martin Street, but he got a can of beer instead. Officer checked the machine and found it was in a closed non-public area. Owner will secure the machine.
August 12: A resident reported that a drunken male was pounding on the door of her neighbor in the 1100 block of Mary Street. Officers responded, but the male was gone. The offending male caused no damage to the property.
August 12: Blaine officers backed up the border patrol when they contacted seven people who crossed the border illegally. There was no violence and the seven people went peacefully with the border patrol officers.
August 11: A person in the 1400 block of D Street reported that someone had stuck a knife into her tire and then broke the blade off. There are no suspects in this case. Frequent patrol was requested and will be provided.
August 11: An officer assisted a family of five who became stranded in Blaine when a radiator in their car broke. A Blaine merchant helped by calling a taxi and paying the cost of transporting the family to their home in Seattle.
August 11: Officer assisted a citizen by providing her with an emergency power stat card after hours. Officer observed the female deposit the appropriate amount into the city deposit box. Payment was made by check.
August 11: A resident reported a male hiding in her backyard. The resident’s house was near the international border. Officers and US Border Patrol searched the area, but did not locate the suspect male.
August 11: A resident in the 400 block of Boblett reported people talking loudly and swearing outside in a neighborhood during early morning hours. Officers contacted the occupants of the offending house. They agreed to quiet down. No further problems.
August 10: Victim in the 800 block of Harrison reported she was assaulted by her ex-boyfriend who had slammed her bedroom door open repeatedly, while she was on the other side of the door. Officer arrested and booked the ex-boyfriend into jail.
August 10: A young man found a wallet which contained more than $250 cash and turned it over to a clerk for safekeeping. A Blaine officer located a phone number for the owner, left a message and booked the wallet for safekeeping.
August 8: Officers attended an injury motor vehicle accident at the intersection of the truck route and Boblett. A Honda was attempting to cross westbound on Boblett when it was struck by a southbound Chevrolet Astro van.
August 8: Complainant in the 300 block of Alder reported a male rented a room for the night and the next day severe damage was found. Officer determined a large dog had caused the damage. Complainant was advised this was a civil matter.
August 7: A parent reported her 15 year old son had stolen clothing, candy and yogurt from a local store. A daughter witnessed the theft. Officer arrested the son for shoplifting and released him to his mom. Case forwarded to prosecutor.
August 7: A person reported that someone had stolen a warning reflector from behind his moving van in the 1900 block of H Street. The suspect returned the reflector shortly after the officer’s arrival, claiming it was a prank. No charges will be filed.

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