Police Report -- July 12, 2001

Published on Thu, Jul 12, 2001
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July 9: A citizen in the 9400 block of Semiahmoo requested officers move a transient who was illegally camping on a local beach. Officers spoke to the adult male who agreed to find another domicile. No further action was taken.
July 9: Officers responded to a report of two dogs that had been hit by a train in the 1600 block of Peace Portal Drive. One dog was found dead. The other injured dog was transported to a local vet who treated the dog. The dogs’ owner was notified.
July 9: An individual in the 1700 block of H Street reported receiving a plastic blue baggie in the mail. The mail was turned over to the police as neither the return address nor the delivery address were to existing cities. The individual felt this was suspicious.
July 9: An individual turned in a false teeth plate which was found in the 900 block of 3rd Street to the police. The individual was unable to locate the owner.
July 9: Officers stopped a man in the 300 block of D Street who was wanted for assault and discovered 12 grams of rock which tested positive as methamphetamine. The suspect was booked into Whatcom County Jail on a felony drug possession charge.
July 8: Officers were dispatched to a transient trying to sell four gallons of gas in the 9500 block of Semiahmoo Parkway. Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the man.
July 8: Officers were dispatched to a man and woman arguing in a swimming pool in the 300 block of Alder Street. They were in their room when officers arrived. Officers talked with the couple who agreed to stop arguing and go to bed.
July 7: Officers saw a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed in the 200 block of Martin Street. Officers stopped the vehicle and found the driver to be intoxicated. The driver was arrested and processed. His vehicle was impounded and officers gave him a ride home.
July 6: An individual reported the theft of a vehicle by deception in the 1100 block of Yew Street.
July 6: A person entering the U.S. at the Peace Arch POE was arrested and issued a citation for possession of about .6 grams of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.
July 5: A citizen in the 500 block of F Street reported a neighbor who had called her mother derogatory names. An officer contacted the citizen who was advised that her complaint is civil in nature.
July 5: A citizen in the 600 block of H Street reported that a car had cut her off on the freeway. The citizen followed the car to its residence where the car’s occupants confronted the female complainant. An officer arrived and calmed the situation. Verbal warning was given to both parties.
July 5: A complaint was received concerning an investment company that is located in Blaine. The company address is a private mail box and the company does not legally exist. The case is under investigation.
July 5: During a K-9 track for vandalism suspects on I-5 at mile post 275, Blaine, Bellingham and WCSO officers took four illegal aliens into custody at U.S. Immigration’s request. The four males were turned over to immigration for detention.
July 5: Person(s) unknown caused cosmetic damage to a brand new police car by igniting a large amount of fireworks on the trunk of the unoccupied vehicle while it was parked at the police station
July 4: Officers responded to a report of a child out of control in the 400 block of Boblett Street. The parent reported the child had been yelling obscenities towards family members in violation of her probation. An earlier assault was also reported to WCSO.
July 4: An officer stopped a car in the 300 block of H Street for failure to yield right-of-way. The officer arrested the driver for DUI, cited and released him. The officer also cited the driver for no proof of insurance. The vehicle was impounded.
July 4: Officers responded to an aid call for an elderly woman who was unresponsive in the 1200 block of Runge Avenue. Officers arrived and performed CPR until an aid unit arrived. Aid was able to revive the woman and she was taken to the hospital.
July 3: An officer stopped a driver for speeding in the 800 block of H Street. The driver was found to be DWLS 2nd. The driver was arrested, processed and released. The vehicle was towed to be held for 30 days.
July 3: The lanes at the truck route port of entry were too narrow for a $1.5 million yacht being transported. An officer assisted the transporters with traffic control.
July 3: An officer was advised of a male transient sleeping in a resident’s yard in the 1100 block of Harrison Avenue. The officer located the man who was trying to find the bus stop, and he agreed to move on.
July 3: An individual in the 700 block of Marine Drive reported the theft of tools and hydraulic fittings out of a storage area.
July 3: While working with U.S. Customs, officers contacted a driver who was driving while intoxicated. The adult male was arrested for DUI, cited, and released to Canada Customs.
July 3: Officers saw a vehicle park at a closed business in the 200 block of 2nd Street. Officers watched a man walk behind the business and urinate on a dumpster. Officers arrested the man and issued him a criminal citation.
July 2: An officer responded to the 1700 block of H Street regarding the accidental spillage of raw sewage in the parking lot. A RV driver had jumped a curb and it caused his sewage line to rupture. Public works responded and thankfully handled it.
July 2: An officer was advised of a suspended driver on Peace Portal Drive. The driver was located and confirmed to be DWLS 3rd. The driver was also in possession of a drug pipe with residue. The driver was processed at the scene and released with a mandatory court date.
July 2: An officer responded to an aid call with the fire department in the 8800 block of Osprey Road. A man fell off a two-story house while pressure washing the shakes. The homeowner was transported to the hospital by medics.

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