Police Report -- June 07, 2001

Published on Thu, Jun 7, 2001
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June 5: A clerk was trying to get lottery tickets for a customer in the 1500 block of H Street. She was unable to and the man began to yell at her. She told him to leave and called police. She phoned later saying she thought he returned, but he did not.
June 4: A citizen in the 600 block of F Street reported her neighbor plays his car stereo too loud. She said she had spoken with the subject three times, but he continues to play the music loud. An officer spoke with the neighbor and warned him to keep the music down.
June 4: A report was received that a vehicle prowl/theft of stereo equipment had occurred in the 1300 block of 4th Street. Fingerprints were obtained from the vehicle. An investigation is continuing.
June 3: U.S. Customs reported an adult male in possession of a concealed/loaded handgun in his vehicle at the Peace Arch POE. An officer impounded the gun and criminally cited the suspect by summons for the offense.
June 3: Blaine officers were asked to assist U.S. Customs who were expecting an individual to try to smuggle a large amount of currency through the Peace Arch POE. Officers assisted in searching the vehicle. Money was seized from the person.
June 3: Officers responded to a report of an elderly male unconscious/not breathing in the 800 block of G Street. Officers initiated CPR until fire personnel arrived. Medics were unable to revive the man. He apparently died of natural causes.
June 3: A resident in the 400 block of C Street reported that a group of juveniles had an egg fight with seven dozen eggs and splattered his property. An officer contacted the boys’ parents and they had their children clean up the mess. No further action was requested.
June 3: Officers stopped a vehicle in the 600 block of Lakeway Drive for driving without its headlights on. The driver was found to be under the influence of intoxicants. The driver was arrested and released. The vehicle was impounded.
June 2: Officers responded to a two car injury accident at Peace Portal Drive and Harrison Street. It was discovered a three-year-old boy had cut his tongue and strained his back. The child seat was not properly installed. The driver was cited for following too closely.
June 2: An individual reported his Lhasa Apso turned up missing and wanted to report it in case officers found the dog. The dog’s name is Paris and it is a creamy white color with long hair.
June 2: An officer received a report of two dogs that went inside a house in the 800 block of Blaine Avenue and killed a cat. The case is under investigation
May 31: A Burlington Northern police officer reported that four batteries had been taken from parked trains. There is no value or use for them. He asked for extra patrol when possible.
May 31: An individual was detained for investigation of a stolen vehicle at the Peace Arch POE. It was found that the vehicle was not stolen, only the plates. The plates were impounded and the matter will be referred to the prosecutor for review.
May 30: A report that someone had pulled a knife on another person in the 1600 block of Runge Street. The complainant was uncooperative and unwilling to prosecute.
May 29: An individual in the 200 block of G Street reported receiving checks valued at $4,000 from a subject which were returned by the bank upon which they were drawn.
May 29: A report that three students were caught smoking marijuana on school campus. One student admitted the marijuana belonged to her and she brought it to school to smoke with her friends. She was booked into jail.
May 29: An officer assisted the drug task force with the arrest of an adult male in the 500 block of D Street for drug related charges.
May 29: A 10-year-old boy complained that his father would not let him sleep over at a friend’s house. An officer discussed the complaint with the boy’s parent.
May 29: After playing basketball a student returned to pick up his belongings and noticed his keys were stolen. Officers contacted two people of interest but were unable to locate the keys.

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