Police Report -- May 17, 2001

Published on Thu, May 17, 2001
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May 14: A property owner on Odell and Sweet roads reported that someone removed 2,000 pound concrete blocks from the driveway entrances to his property. An officer contacted a construction company and had the owner explain the movement of the missing blocks.
May 14: An officer assisted a motorist on I-5 who requested help by phoning the auto club for a tow truck. The motorist ran over an orange cone which was dropped on the center of the freeway south of Dakota Creek.
May 14: Officers contacted three juvenile subjects on H and Harrison streets for suspicious situations. One of the subjects had a warrant and was taken into custody.
May 14: A clerk reported a man drove 30 m.p.h. by her business in the 2000 block of Bell Road on a narrow private road in a highly dangerous manner. A Blaine officer investigated the reckless driving incident and spoke with the suspect. The case is under review.
May 14: A resident in the 1300 block of 4th Street complained that a transient was eating out of her garbage can. Officers searched for the resident to provide him with additional aid, but he left before officers arrived. His description was passed on to patrol.
May 14: Officers investigated a two vehicle MVA on SR 543 and Boblett Street. No one was injured in the accident. One driver was cited for failure to yield.
May 14: An officer assisted a citizen in the 4000 block of H Street who had backed into a ditch while attempting to turn around. The person was able to drive the vehicle out. He was not intoxicated.
May 13: An individual requested assistance with transporting a prisoner from the train station to U.S. truck customs. Assistance was provided. The prisoner was transported safely.
May 13: The police department is investigating the suspicious death of a dog in the 400 block of 8th Street.
May 13: A report of an abandoned vehicle parked on a city street. Supposedly, one of the owners abandoned the vehicle and fled to Canada. The case is under investigation.
May 13: A person reported hitting a dog in the 2500 block of Bell Road. The dog had died upon officers’ arrival. The owner was present and took her dog home. The driver of the car was not negligent. The officer was cleared without incident.
May 13: A person was stopped for a traffic violation in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive. He was found to be DUI and DWLS. He was arrested and released with a criminal citation. The vehicle was impounded.
May 12: A person in the 500 block of C Street reported that his children were being harassed by other juveniles while playing in their neighborhood. The suspect juveniles were spoken to and agreed to avoid the other children.
May 12: A person was arrested at the Pacific Highway POE and issued a citation for possession of about 15 grams of marijuana.
May 12: Officers performed foot patrol of downtown business district, including businesses on H, Martin, 3rd and Peace Portal Drive. Nothing unusual was found.
May 12: A person was arrested at the Peace Arch POE when it was found he was DWLS in the 2nd. The vehicle was impounded with a 60-day hold.
May 11: An officer contacted a person in the 1300 block of Peace Portal Drive who was reported to have been acting strangely. The subject had no warrants, and no crime had been committed.
May 11: A report of a continuous littering problem near a business in the 800 block of Peace Portal Drive. The incident report will be forwarded to another city department for review.
May 11: A citizen reported a habitual problem of loud music in the area of Salishan Park. The noise is associated with a group of kids who hang out in the park. Extra patrol of the area was requested.
May 9: Officers were asked to assist U.S. Customs with two hostile subjects at the Peace Arch POE. Officers contacted the subjects and gave them a ride home.
May 9: Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding in the 1900 block of Peace Portal Drive. The driver did not have her license with her. Officers had to release the driver before a DOL check returned showing she had no current license. Charges were forwarded to the prosecutor.
May 8: A person arrived at the Peace Arch POE requesting assistance from a mental professional. At his request, the person was given a ride to St. Joseph’s

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