Police Report -- March 29, 2001

Published on Thu, Mar 29, 2001
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March 27: Officers responded to a request by U.S. Customs to stand by at the Peace Arch POE while they took some people into custody. Officers maintained a presence while customs inspectors took the people into custody without incident.
March 27: An officer checked a male subject walking on state route 543. The person turned out to be of interest to the U.S. Border patrol and was turned over to and arrested by them.
March 26: While officers were checking a local business in the 700 block of Peace Portal Drive for a wanted subject, it was learned that an individual was in violation of a no contact order between himself and the wanted person. The individual was cited for the violation and released.
March 26: Officers received an anonymous call. The caller recognized a person who had warrants for her arrest. Officers contacted the person and arrested her for the warrants and a no-contact order violation.
March 26: An officer responded to an aid call in the 400 block of C Street where an elderly person was having chest pains. The assist was provided until the medics arrived.
March 25: Officers received a call of a female standing in the middle of the roadway in the 400 block of Boblett and refusing to move for traffic. Officers spoke to the hostile juvenile female who agreed to stay out of the street.
March 25: U.S. Customs reported a subject in possession of marijuana. An officer arrested the adult male for the offense and his driver for DWLS/R 3rd. Both subjects were cited and released. The car was impounded.
March 25: An officer was requested to assist customs at the Peace Arch POE regarding two male subjects who possibly had been drinking under age. Tests were administered and the subjects were released. The beer was confiscated by customs.
March 25: U.S. Customs requested assistance transporting an intoxicated male who was refused entry into the U.S. The male was abusive to customs officers. A Blaine officer provided the transport.
March 24: U.S. Customs reported a man at the Peace Arch POE who was in possession of suspected marijuana. The substance tested positive for marijuana. He was arrested and released with a court date.
March 24: U.S. Customs reported a port runner at the Pacific Highway POE and provided specific vehicle descriptors. The owner of the vehicle had two warrants and was driving without a license. The officer searched the town for the car but it had returned to Canada.
March 23: An officer was dispatched to a residence on Harrison Avenue where a neighbor saw kids enter someone’s house. The officer contacted three young juveniles who thought the house was haunted. A cat scared the boys away. The parents were contacted.
March 23: Officers responded to a possible car fire in the 1500 block of H Street. Upon arrival a vehicle was found with its front passenger side wheel on fire. The fire department command vehicle extinguished the fire.
March 23: An officer observed a subject stealing an evergreen tree from a closed business landscape area in the 1700 block of H Street. The officer arrested the subject, issued a criminal citation, and released her with a court date.
March 23: An individual reported a subject exhibited symptoms of abuse.
March 23: A citizen reported that person(s) unknown had poured sand into the motor of her van in the 400 block of D Street. The motor was being rebuilt and broken down to the cylinders. Sand can be removed and damage does not appear permanent. No witness/suspects.
March 22: A subject observed person(s) throwing a black and white cat from a vehicle in the 900 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers checked the area and could not locate the cat or suspect. The case is under investigation.
March 22: A motorists was stopped for having no taillights in the 1800 block of Peace Portal Drive. His California driver’s license was suspended. A written warning was issued for no lights and a citation was issued for the suspended license. The car was impounded.
March 21: CPS forwarded a complaint they had received from the parent of a child who reported having been assaulted in the 700 block of Adelia Street.
March 21: The Blaine court ordered officers to take a man into custody and book him into jail on a misdemeanor warrant out of Lynden. The man was booked into Whatcom County jail.
March 21: Officers were dispatched to a 911 hang up call in the 1700 block of H Street. A man pressure washing sidewalks had someone call for him. Three juveniles were skateboarding and when he asked them to leave they yelled at him. All three were returned to parents.
March 21: An officer was on patrol at exit 276 on I-5 when he paced a vehicle at a high rate of speed. The officer stopped the vehicle for speeding and later determined the driver was suspended in the 3rd degree. The driver was cited and the vehicle was impounded.
March 21: A resident witnessed a juvenile on an overpass in the 900 block of Mitchell Street pretending to throw a glass bowl into traffic. She took the bowl from the child and contacted police. Officers talked with the juvenile and his parents.
March 21: Officers were dispatched to the port of entry for a suspended driver. Officers arrested the driver for being suspended. He also had two warrants and was held for morning court in Blaine.
March 21: A person in the 300 block of B Street called to report problems with his wife, including her alleged theft of his cellular phone. Both parties were separated and referred to civil court.
March 20: A Blaine officer provided backup for a U.S. Border patrol agent in the 200 block of D Street. The agent had been alone and was contacting two adult males near a park. The agent and officer took the males into custody for illegal entry into the U.S.
March 20: A citizen reported an injury vehicle accident in the 4100 block of H Street Road. Officers found the driver hiding in a barn. The driver was arrested for DUI, hit and run, two WCSO warrants and cited for open container and NVOL. He was booked into jail.

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