Edith C. Loe

Published on Thu, Sep 2, 2010
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Edith C. Loe, July 15, 1917 - August 21, 2010

The beautiful August weather in Kalispell, Montana was interrupted last week by a gray rainy Sunday, as if our little part of the world understood that a remarkable life has come to an end. Edith C. Loe, nicknamed Scoter, died last weekend (21 August) in Brendan House, Kalispell, at peace with herself, her world, and her destination. To her last day on this earth, she retained her mental faculties and recognized those around her by name. She left us a great example of how to face a difficult and inevitable part of life.

Edith Loe was born July 15, 1917. She was a remarkably consistent person: She was constant and true to her many friends; fair and honest with her professional colleagues in the Girl Scouts of America; and true to her vision of how she wanted to live her life and face her death. She contributed a great deal professionally to

the Girl Scouts through her life of service to that organization and the girls it serves. She provided an example of unselfish leadership during her career that spanned over four decades, from her graduation from the University of Washington and first Scouting job in Seattle in 1939 to her retirement from the National Headquarters in New York in 1982 as Director for the Camping Division.

Following her retirement to Birch Bay, Washington, she continued to serve as a Girl Scout volunteer and as the treasurer at the APA Cannery Museum. She was an active volunteer at the Blaine Senior Center. In 2001 she moved to Kalispell to live with her adopted family Jane and Scott Wheeler. She is survived by Scott and Jane and her adopted daughter Mrs. Toni Isarankura of Seattle. All who knew her will miss her intelligence, wit, and honesty. In her great life she made the most of everything she had.