VWs on tour

Published on Wed, Aug 6, 2014 by Ian Ferguson

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More than 20 vintage Volkswagen buses, Things, Beetles and Karmann Ghias gathered at Marine Park August 1 to begin the 2014 treffen – an annual mass caravan from the Canadian border to the Mexican border.

The migration is organized each summer by Airhead Parts, a store located in Ventura, California that sells parts for air-cooled Volkswagens.

“A treffen is a gathering of like-minded people,” participant Andre Toselli said. “We all share a passion for air-cooled 

The 10-12 day drive follows the west coast, picking up participants as it goes. Toselli said drivers join and leave the caravan along the way, with a handful of drivers making the whole 1,500-mile journey.

“We’ll have about 200 participants overall, with up to 70 cars in the group at one time.”

The border-to-border treffen had its humble beginnings 16 years ago in Ventura, when Volkswagen enthusiasts would meet regularly for group drives around California.

“The drives became more popular and longer, and we started doing the border-to-border drive four years ago,” Toselli said.

Stops at cities and parks along the way give participants an opportunity to connect with local VW enthusiasts, and the stop in Ventura on Sunday, August 9 will include a classic VW car show with judging and prizes, and a used parts swap.

To see the journey’s full itinerary, go to airheadparts.com/treffen/itinerary.pdf.