Blaine chocolatiers create memorable confections

Published on Wed, Feb 12, 2014 by Brandy Kiger Shreve

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When local food artisans Shannon and Christy Fox of Evolve Truffles get together in the kitchen, magical things happen.

Blueberries fuse with pink peppercorns, rosehips and dark chocolate, coalescing into a melt-in-your-mouth flavor experience that you aren’t likely to forget anytime soon – and that’s the point. 

“When you eat a truffle, you want to remember it,” Christy said. “It’s small so it has to have an impact. We look for flavors that accentuate each other, that bring out the best in each other, and give the truffle a whole-roundedness. We do things with flavors that are unique, and that engage all of your taste buds.”

It’s those progressive flavor profiles that the Blaine wife-and-wife team hang their truffle-making hats on, coming up with 
seemingly outrageous combinations that push the envelope but provide tasters with what Christy calls “a flavor experience that’s a journey through your mouth.”

From “Risque,” a bold mix of chipotle, tequila and orange, to “Chia Chia Bang Bang,” a decadent concoction of Chia Girl’s strawberry chia, sparkling wine and chocolate (a Valentine’s Day special), Christy and Shannon are pairing ingredients in ways that will make you look twice at a truffle and second-guess what you think something should taste like. 

“I don’t like for food to taste similar to everything else,” Christy said. “I want my truffles to be a sensory experience, and we like to educate people on how these flavors work together. It’s a lot of fun.”

Sourcing local ingredients for all of their creations, Shannon said that she and Christy are focused on creating value-added products that encourage partnership with the community, and reflect their love of the Pacific Northwest and its wide-ranging bounty. 

“Whatcom is a chef’s best muse,” Christy said. “There are so many wonderful things to work with here, and Terra Organica, our first commercial account, challenged us when we were starting out to source everything locally; so we did, and we looked for the best we could get. We get our cream from Twin Brook Creamery, our blueberries from Bow Hill Blueberries and our Malbec from Dakota Creek Winery.”

The women began making truffles together as a gift for their family, drawing on Christy’s 20 years of fine dining experience and Shannon’s foodie background that was born from extensive travels and growing up in a French home. The experience propelled them forward in their search for something to call their own. Now, after nearly three years in business, the two-
woman team produces anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000 of their hand-rolled, hand-dipped truffles each month. 

They have formed collaborations with establishments such as Semiahmoo Resort and Spa, Dakota Creek Winery and The Chrysalis Inn and Spa to develop signature flavors that can only be found at those locations. 

The business is a dream come true for the couple who has followed their bliss to success, in a way that not many truffle-makers can sustain as a full-time career. 

“There’s not a lot of chocolatiers who are doing what we’re doing,” Christy said. “It’s uncommon how we make our truffles, because most who make a business of it use molds, but we feel there’s a connection in the creation by hand-making them. We’re imparting a part of ourselves into every truffle.” 

Shannon said their long-term hope for Evolve Truffles is to be able to take their successful model of creating value-added food, and instill that in others through an “incubator-style program” that will allow other like-minded startups to get on their feet and out in the world in a positive way. “It would be a program where we could learn from other and help others achieve success,” Shannon said. 

Evolve Truffles currently creates four lines of truffles: Floral, Liqueur, Pacific Northwest and Spice. Their creations can be found online at as well as in local businesses in the county. 

For a complete list of locations, visit their website.