Blaine family shows off Seahawks pride with gusto

Published on Wed, Jan 29, 2014 by Nathan Dalla Santa

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Richard Johnson and his father Gilbert have complete faith in the Seahawks. Even before the draft, Richard told his family this was the year – Seattle was going all the way.

And they have. This Sunday, the Seahawks will face off against the Denver Broncos at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. The Johnsons are so sure of a victory, they are boasting. “That trophy better be made of stainless steel,” Richard said. “’Cause that thing’s staying in Seattle for a while.”

In honor of their team’s success this season, Gilbert and Richard constructed a towering exhibition of their Seahawks fandom
 – a big, bright flag painted on canvas and illuminated by spotlights, hovering over the water in view of Drayton Harbor Road. And of course, centered in the flag is the Seahawks’ newest moniker, a shimmering “12” in honor of the most important member of the team, the 12th man. 

The display is the product of three weeks of work, and additions are on their way. After the ‘Hawks thwarted San Francisco at the NFC Championship game, the father-son duo set to work making a Super Bowl sign to add to the banner.

Though there are more additions in the works, Gilbert and Richard are keeping their plans classified.

Gilbert is excited for the Super Bowl because it’s the first time since the Seahawks made it to the bowl in 2005 that he’ll be watching for more than just the funny commercials. 

“I’ve never seen my home team have such a good shot at winning the Super Bowl,” Gilbert said. “And it sure looks like they’ve got a good shot.”

For Richard and Gilbert, the Seahawks are more than just talented athletes; they’re good people. While Richard Sherman plays the talented antihero, Russell Wilson inspires both the team and the fans.

“You have to love Wilson just for his mentality of ‘why not us,’” Richard said. “I mean, why not us at the Super Bowl and why not us with the 12th man flag?”

You can view the Johnsons’ 12th man flag by driving down Drayton Harbor Road and looking left across California Creek.