Year in Review: Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce

Published on Tue, Dec 31, 2013 by Carrie Beck, Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce secretary, board of directors

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The Birch Bay Chamber of Commerce is a local member-based business association that seeks to promote a vigorous community around Birch Bay. 

We believe that any time of year Birch Bay is a unique and astonishingly beautiful area of Whatcom County. We seek to appreciate the sunsets, shallow warm beaches and wildlife. 

We also promote healthy recreation and visits from around the world to support and build the local economy of compelling restaurants, accommodations and shopping. We have just over 90 members in the Birch Bay chamber.

We attempt to bring people together to develop robust networks that connect the interests of the business community, maintain the recreational focus and identify with the tourism emphasis that must accompany an area such as ours. 

We provide a range of services to our members and provide information to our visitors. We will continue to promote our annual upcoming New Year’s events: Ring of Fire and Hope and the Polar Bear Plunge; then in June the sand sculpture competition, July’s Discovery Days, and the new International Sea and Sky Festival in August.

This year we encourage you to consider spending some of your dollars in one of our member businesses in Birch Bay. Shopping locally supports the community as a whole. 

There are a number of unique shops, restaurants, and places for overnight stays. Encourage friends and visitors from outside our area to do the same.  

Remember to get out and walk, bike, run, kayak, paddleboard, fly a kite and just get out and enjoy the stunning year-round scenery and wildlife that we are privileged to have so easily accessible in this area. 

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