Squirrels (and felons) beware

Published on Wed, Sep 11, 2013
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On August 28, an employee of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office observed a man leaving his vehicle on the south side of the Whatcom County Jail with bow and arrow in hand. The man then let the arrow fly towards the second floor outdoor recreation area of the jail. 

Deputies later located the arrow on the roof of the jail and found that it came complete with a baggie of marijuana and another baggie containing an unidentified substance. Since the recreation area is secured with heavy metal mesh screening, the arrow did not enter the jail. 

The witness copied the license plate of the vehicle and deputies later found it parked in the 3300 block of McAlpine Road, with the bow still in the vehicle.

They obtained a search warrant for the both the suspect’s vehicle and residence. The suspect, 36-year-old David Wayne Jordan, refused to admit deputies into the home, and the deputies entered by force. Jordan admitted to discharging the arrow, but claimed he was trying to kill a squirrel perched on the building. 

He had no explanation as to why squirrel hunting required attaching marijuana to an arrow.

Jordan was booked into Whatcom County Jail on charges of attempted introduction of contraband and for obstructing officers.

Jordan has a lengthy criminal history and bookings into the jail. His most recent booking prior to this arrest was on August 8 when he was sentenced to serve 20 days in jail for two counts of assault and one count of resisting arrest.