Donate to food banks at fair

Published on Wed, Aug 7, 2013
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The Northwest Washington Fair will partner with Gateway Pacific Terminal to host a food drive during this year’s fair. 

Organizers are hoping to collect 50,000 cans of food during the event, which will then be distributed to food banks across Whatcom County. 

“All the food banks are participating in the fair,” said Jerry Bladeis, a spokesperson for Blaine Food Bank. “We’ll be there at the gates every day taking cash and food donations.” 

Bladeis said the Blaine Food Bank has served 32,000 people since January with more than 475,000 pounds of food.

A $25,000 donation made by an anonymous donor in December has carried them this far this year, Bladeis said, but as the winter months draw close the need is beginning to rise again. “We haven’t had a lot of monetary donations this summer,” he said. “People bring in their extra produce and canned goods, and we can definitely use that, but we can make a dollar stretch a lot further than you can since we are buying case lots.” 

Bladeis said he hopes donations will pick up during the fall to help keep the nonprofit afloat. “We’re really banking on that,” he said.

To donate to the Blaine Food Bank, either visit the Northwest Washington Fair next week and give your money or your canned goods to a volunteer at the gate, or visit Blaine Food Bank at 500 C Street.

For more information about how to volunteer, donate or receive, call 360/332-6350.