Boozy bow and arrow outburst leads to three months in the cooler

Published on Wed, Apr 24, 2013 by Ian Ferguson

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A Birch Bay man avoided being charged with second-degree assault for aiming a bow and arrow at his girlfriend, but pleaded guilty to attempted unlawful imprisonment and attempted second-degree arson.

Craig Allen Larsen, 54, had an alcohol-fueled argument at 5478 Salish Road on February 5 with his girlfriend of three years. Initial reports alleged that Larsen and his girlfriend were arguing about belongings she had moved into a garage when Larsen grabbed a bow, nocked an arrow and drew the string, aiming it at her before firing several arrows at her possessions in the garage.

“In later statements to investigators, the victim said he didn’t aim the arrow at her,” said deputy prosecutor Eric Richey. “The charge of second-degree assault was dropped.”

In a court hearing April 18, Larsen pleaded guilty to the shenanigans that followed the bow and arrow incident.

According to court documents, he grabbed the victim’s purse, phone and arms to prevent her from leaving the home. When she escaped and called police, they arrived to find Larsen refusing to leave the residence and threatening to “torch the place,” with “three gallons of gas and a bunch of oil,” if they attempted to enter. After obtaining a search warrant, officers rushed inside and saw Larsen attempting to ignite an oil-soaked blanket with a lighter.

Richey said Larsen was “very intoxicated” at the time of the incident, and Larsen told Superior Court Judge Chuck Snyder he plans to address his alcohol problems when he gets out of jail. Snyder sentenced Larsen to three months in jail.

A no-contact order between Larsen and the victim was filed in court. Larsen had no prior felonies.