New owner gives Northwoods Motel a makeover

Published on Wed, Feb 6, 2013 by Brandy Kiger

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It started with the carpets, then the bedding. Then out came the light fixtures, sinks, televisions and headboards. Finally, new Northwoods Motel owner Mangal Samra decided it all had to go. “We’ve done a lot of remodeling. There’s fresh paint everywhere and new sinks and toilets. Everything’s been cleaned up,” he said. “All of our rooms are nonsmoking now.”

The sale of the 30-room motel located at 288 D Street in Blaine closed on December 28, and Samra has been in makeover 
mode ever since. “Twenty-four/seven we’re working on making it nice. It was in bad shape when we took it over,” Samra said, noting that not one outdoor light worked when they bought it and all the bedrooms were in disrepair. “We want to get the inside looking really good as soon as possible.”

Samra, originally from India, has lived in Everett since 1995, and moved his family to Blaine to make sure the hotel got off on the right foot. “I wanted to be here to oversee it and make sure it’s done right,” he said. “So we’re living in the hotel and I’m taking care of things. I’ll hire a manager next year, a family person who will take care of it.” 

Samra, who also owns a landscaping company in Everett, said he has had part ownership in other hotels, but decided to strike out on his own with this purchase. “We’ve worked with a lot of the big chains and we looked for a long time for our own hotel,” he said. “Then we found [the Northwoods] and got it for a good price. Now we’re working on making it really nice.”

He has added new security cameras and will update all the interiors first. Old furniture makes him feel “itchy,” he said, and he’s been hauling it away by the truckload. He’s created an executive room for customers who want something a little more upscale for their dollar and a full suite that includes couches and chairs for guests who need more room.

“We’ll work on the outside this spring,” he said. The rooms are all appointed with new 32” LCD televisions, new mattresses and dressers, and Samra has installed a coin-operated laundry. “It’s nice for the people who stay for a week at a time,” he said. “It’s been a lot of work, but I want my customers to be happy.”

The Northwoods Motel re-opened on December 31. For the time being, the rates will stay the same, although Samra anticipates a rate increase before the summer. 

For more information, contact the Northwoods Motel at 360/332-5603.