Young at Heart: A visitor's guide to activities at the Blaine Senior Center

Published on Wed, Dec 5, 2012 by Joan Newby

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Suppose you are a newcomer and decide to visit the Blaine Senior/Activity Center. Arriving at the center, you are warmly greeted by pleasant people with friendly faces. Instantly you sense that you are in a very enjoyable place.

Since your visit just happens to be in December, you encounter a bright array of brightly colored Christmas lights, decorated Christmas trees and other familiar symbols of the upcoming holiday season.

Later you learn that most of the decorating has been done by volunteers and that volunteers are responsible for most of the friendly atmosphere and the smoothly running center.  

If your visit happens to be early Monday morning, you are greeted by soothing music and a group exercising to the instructions of an accomplished tai chi leader. 

You may have been thinking of exercise with all those holiday goodies looming on the horizon, and then you find, wonder of wonders, a complete, well-equipped strength training room with numerous body-building machines ready to help you trade extra pounds for lean trim bodies.

That’s when you meet John Moore, a legend in himself. He is busy conducting an exercise class of beginners, and you are immediately drawn to his friendly approach. He quickly informs everyone about each machine and the center’s strength-building program. 

Soon the entire group is happily exercising, helped along by John’s steady friendly humor. He is concerned about everyone and he loves to have people laugh, so come expecting to laugh while exercising. 

We learn that the strength-training room is frequently filled with energetic music and often John breaks out in song, singing lines from familiar melodies. While laughing and moving to the rhythm of the machines, exercise is completed and everyone leaves refreshed in body, soul and spirit.  

You learn that joining the group is easily accomplished – simply a matter of joining the center at a very nominal fee, obtaining a doctor’s permission and attending the six-week instruction class. You learn that 20 to 30 minutes of exercise are all that’s needed to see significant health benefits and changes in your body. 

You can probably carve out 15 to 30 minutes of time for yourself, two times a week or maybe even just five minutes a day, reaping the benefits and be at your best for everyone else.   

Finally, you’ll learn that many activities are planned for the season, including the following:

Thursday, December 6, noon: Dennis Sakowski Christmas Program with holiday favorites 

Thursday, December 13, noon: Norwegian Male Chorus and birthday lunch.

Thursday, December 20, noon: Bob Storms’ A Party of Three – Bob and friends will perform many of your old-time favorites with vocals, keyboard, trumpet and banjo.


The center continues to make many beneficial activities available, such as tai chi, a writing workshop, pool, stretch exercise, TOPS, handicrafts, painting, pinochle, bridge, genealogy class, blood pressure checks and Bingo. 

There are also the community meals on Wednesday evenings at the center – and they’re great!

Take advantage of the early drawings. If you pay for your 2013 membership now, you’ll be eligible to win prizes and two lucky people will win six months of free delicious breakfast tickets.

Have the best December ever, and take care of yourself, for yourself as well as others.