Have horse, will travel

Published on Thu, Nov 15, 2012 by Kara Furr

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Whether you’re interested in learning to ride a horse or improving your abilities, taking lessons is a great way to jump in and gain confidence. But it’s not always easy to find a place to start. Without a horse of your own – or the means to transport one – it can be difficult to find a way to train. That’s where Andrea Heimer of Rolling Stone Equestrian comes in. Heimer offers a mobile lesson service to students with and without horses of their own. 

Heimer made the decision to make her business mobile to meet the demands of her clients, who live all over Whatcom and Skagit counties and require flexibility. “I heard people saying how great it would be for someone to come to them,” Heimer said. And she did something about it. 

Heimer travels throughout the area, offering lessons on her client’s horses, at their barn, or on her horse Dixie at indoor/outdoor arenas scattered around the area. Lessons on Dixie are perfect for people new to the sport, giving them the ability to feel things out and gain some experience before making the leap and purchasing a horse of their own. 

Heimer and partner Dixie both have backgrounds that exemplify the kind of instruction that they provide students. Heimer started riding Western as a child in Montana but dreamt of leaping fences and transitioned to English after she found someone to teach her. Likewise, Dixie has been trained in everything from barrel racing to dressage. A solid foundation in the basics can take riders in any direction. Whether they are interested in trail riding, or just learning to ride and work with horses, Heimer is more than happy to teach it all. “This is all I’ve ever wanted to do,” she said. “I knew it from the first lesson I took.”

Heimer teaches with patience, kindness and a keen eye, making absolutely sure her clients are comfortable and in control before moving on to other challenges. Her students range from young children to men and women in their 70s.

For more information, visit rollingstoneequestrian.com or call 360/220-5396.