Prestigious George Raft Race set for Saturday

Published on Wed, Aug 1, 2012 by Kelly Sullivan

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Bob Knapp and Richard Sturgill proudly consider themselves the world’s leading experts in raft building given their experience with the Drayton Harbor Days’ Prestigious George Raft Race.

After 12 years of creating homemade racing rafts out of recycled materials, and a few wins under their belt, they are excited to pass on some of their raft building knowledge and supplies.

Sturgill keeps a large supply of raft materials readily available, and he’s happy to share with anyone who needs them.
Once a raft is built, there are a few rules for participants to consider. For example, up to four people can be in one raft.
Regarding wildlife, “Cats are not allowed, however, dogs occasionally can assist in operating a raft,” Knapp said.
Life jackets are required and if a competitor does not have one, Sturgill and Knapp will have extras available.

Winners will receive a trophy they can keep and treasure for one year. The trophy is made out of parts from the Plover ferry discarded when it was being restored.

The race will be held at the Blaine Harbor public boat launch at 1 p.m. on Saturday, August 4.

For more information or help building a raft, contact Bob Knapp at 360/332-3111 or Richard Sturgill at 360/201-5742.



Above, left: This year, Richard Sturgill has mastered the art of raft building. His super high-tech raft is going to be kept top-secret until the day of the race. Photo by Kelly Sullivan.