Living Green Special Section: Live green by re-using and recycling

Published on Wed, Jun 20, 2012
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One sure way to be green is to re-use and recycle things. Here are some tips about how to update your old household items and find gently used objects to personalize. 

Refurbishing furniture

Businesses like Warehouse Beautiful in Blaine or the ReStore in Bellingham are pros when it comes to reclaiming previously used items. Check  places like these or other thrift stores for used items that you can personalize. Try updating a used chair or end table with a little bit of paint, or change the handles and knobs on an old chest of drawers. You can take several mismatched pieces of furniture and make them match with hardware or accessories.

Update your  wardrobe by shopping at thrift stores

Shop thrift stores for belts and accessories. Many people sell items that have only been worn a few times and still look new. You can also purchase things that can be personalized at home. Look for jeans that can be cut and hemmed to become shorts and other items that can be made into warmer weather clothes for summer.

Save a tree, buy a used book

Used bookstores usually have a large selection of books, so if you aren’t looking for a brand new edition to a series you’ve been hooked on, you could save money, paper and ink by purchasing a previously owned book.