City approves bid for Marine Drive work

Published on Wed, Jun 20, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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Colacurcio Brothers, Inc., will begin work on improvements to Marine Drive after July 4, following a June 11 Blaine City Council vote.

City council members voted 5-0, with council members Paul Greenough and Charlie Hawkins absent, to approve a $335,496 contract for improvements to Marine Drive near the railroad tracks. The Colacurcio bid was the lowest of two that were submitted and was about 16 percent lower than the city engineer’s estimate.

The Marine Drive Gateway Reconstruction Project, as it’s called, will add an 8-foot sidewalk to the north side of Marine Drive, a 6-foot sidewalk on the south and widen the road to 28 feet on both sides of the railroad crossing, just west of the Peace Portal Drive roundabout.

The city has received a $468,000 state transportation grant for both design and construction work that requires $52,000 in matching funds. The Port of Bellingham is chipping in $26,000, and the city will be on the hook for the rest.

Public works officials say the project will take about a month to complete. During construction, one lane will be closed with flaggers on site to direct traffic.

The project was initially supposed to go out for bid in April and be finished by July 4, but concerns from the Blaine Planning Commission delayed the approval of a city permit necessary for the project. Planning commissioners feared the original plans for the project, which called for 6-foot sidewalks on both the north and south sides of Marine Drive, would have limited bicyclist access to Marine Park.

Blaine-based Colacurcio Brothers, Inc., has completed a number of major road construction jobs in Blaine, most recently the $1.64 million H Street improvements.