City planners give Marine Park shoreline a facelift

Published on Wed, May 2, 2012 by Jeremy Schwartz

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City planning staff worked most of Friday afternoon last week positioning felled trees to improve a section of beach in Marine Park.

The trees were cut down in the last two weeks as crews worked to improve access to the 27-acre Lincoln Park, just off of H Street. One of the larger trees had already fallen across a trail, while the remainder had been damaged in past windstorms and were leaning on each other, posing a hazard to park visitors, Blaine community development director Michael Jones said.

Blaine planning staff and a contracted crane spent much of the afternoon transferring seven trees, some weighing as much as 5,000 pounds, from a flatbed truck to the park’s uplands. From there, the crane operator worked with Jones and Blaine community planner Alex Wenger to position the trees on the beach.

The trees were placed at roughly a 45-degree angle on a stretch of beach at the west end of the park to reduce erosion and encourage natural processes, Jones explained. The logs are meant to help anchor sand and collect other logs and large woody debris, which will help the man-made beach achieve a more natural state.

“We’re trying to mimic Mother Nature here,” Jones said.

The work is part of a larger effort to enhance all of Marine Park. The city has also planted hundreds of young native plants along the path behind the water reclamation plant after removing blackberries and other invasive species with the help of local volunteers, Jones explained.

Marine Park was established in 1988, while city officials estimated Lincoln Park was founded between 1909 and 1920. To learn more about Blaine’s parks, click here.