Home & Garden Special Section: Get your house ready to sell

Published on Wed, Apr 25, 2012
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If you’re putting your house on the market, you can help ensure the fastest selling time and highest price by making sure it’s as clean and neat as possible. The local Windermere team provides these tips for putting your home’s best face forward as you get ready to sell.


Pressure wash or paint the exterior

Remove debris from gutters

Replace all exterior light bulbs and make sure exterior walkways are well-lit

Scrub, paint or stain wood decks and railings

Clean and repair roof

Paint front door and polish the hardware


Wash windows inside and out until they sparkle

Clean sills, repair screens and replaced cracked windows

Touch up trims and sills with fresh paint


Mow the lawn and re-seed if necessary

Weed flowerbeds, deadhead plants and replace diseased or dead shrubs

Plant colorful flowers around the front yard or arrange container plants on the walk or front entryway


Apply a fresh coat of paint to brighten the walls

Clean draperies or blinds

Steam clean carpets, wash rugs and clean wood floors

Repaint woodwork, clean molding

Clear clutter from cupboards, closets and rooms

Defrost freezer, clean refrigerator, and make sure both are odor-free

Replace lightbulbs, clean light fixtures


Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator, making sure both are odor-free

Clean the oven and stovetop

Destain the sink and countertops, polish the faucets

Organize the cupboards and pantry, empty and clean drawers


Repair leaky faucets polish fixtures

Caulk joints

Remove stains from countertop, sink, tub/shower and toilet

Hang new shower curtain

Clean drains

Think of these tips as an intense spring cleaning – by making your house as bright and cheerful as you can, you’ll increase the
chances of a buyer falling in love with it, just like you did!