Health and Wellness Special Section: Finding a properly fitting bra

Published on Wed, Jan 11, 2012 by Maria Monti

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How many times have you gone into a department store and spent way too much money, only to buy a bra that doesn’t fit quite right? It might look nice, but it doesn’t offer enough support or it’s just not that comfortable – it rides up, digs, pokes and leaves marks until you’re exasperated.

Finding a bra that fits shouldn’t be that difficult, but it is. Part of the problem starts with the world of mass-produced, cookie-cutter bras, where they’re often made for a model’s body, not yours. How much more proof do you need that you’re not her?

Besides being comfortable and supporting breasts, a properly fitting bra also affects spinal alignment and a host of gravitational stress symptoms such as muscle/nerve pain, osteoarthritis, poor circulation or lymphatic drainage, and poor and limited oxygenation of the body. Since Oprah declared that, “You need to rise up and get a proper bra fitting,” women in America have demanded more.

Make the decision to consult a real professional fitter. If you have already done so, and have not achieved the results you are looking for, find another and another, until you find one who speaks your language, understands what you want and can provide it for you.

Maria Monti is a postural therapist and owner of The Healthy Bra Company in Bellingham. Visit her at