The Best of the 2011 Blaine Police Reports: Part 1

Published on Wed, Jan 4, 2012
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January 7: A concerned passerby reported seeing suspicious activity at the amphitheater in Marine Park where a woman was possibly being held against her will. Officers responded, secured the amphitheater and contacted a man and woman inside. It turned out the young man’s name was not Will and the young lady was quite glad about being held.

January 8: Police responded when a witness reported seeing a body laying near the railroad tracks in the 2300 block of Peace Portal Drive. Officers arrived to discover that the body was occupied by a transient who was trying to get some sleep. He explained that he hoped to catch a morning bus to seek social services in Bellingham. It was cold and dark and the guy was scaring the dickens out of folks driving by, so an officer gave him a courtesy ride to the Mission.

January 15: The day began or perhaps ended very badly for a commercial car hauler dropping off cars in a lot near the truck route and Boblett Street. The last car he drove off the top of his trailer was a beautiful VW convertible. Unfortunately he drove it off the front, instead of the rear where the ramps were. The ten-foot fall went well, but both car and driver sustained front-end damage upon impact. The VW was standing on its nose when officers arrived, and a tow truck was called to wench the car safely to the ground. Fortunately the car’s air bags had deployed as designed, and aid personnel were able to dress the driver’s head wounds so he did not need a trip to the hospital.

January 16: It was a dark and rainy night when a driver finished his inspection at U.S. Customs, got back into his car and drove south onto the freeway. A little ways down the road he turned on his windshield wipers and saw the wipers catapult a small dark object off his windshield out into the median. Then his car engine died. While drifting to a standstill the motorist realized that the little thing that flew off into the grass had been his proximity ignition key, which customs officers had left on his windshield after their inspection. As long as the key was separated from the car, the car would not run. He called for help and Blaine police responded. Police canine Dexter was deployed by his handler and successfully located the key for the motorist.

January 23: A passerby reported seeing a suspicious, intoxicated person inside the post office. Officers arrived and found an intoxicated Blaine resident lying on the floor. The gent had walked into the lobby to get his mail, but did not have enough balance left to make it back outside. He agreed to lock the mail back in his box until he sobered up and officers gave him a quick ride home, special delivery.

January 26: Officers stopped a pickup truck for a traffic violation on H Street and discovered that the driver was stark naked from his waist down. He offered a limp excuse about changing clothes while driving and was booked into jail for very obviously driving while suspended.

February 12: A teenaged motorist decided to entertain himself and his passengers by spinning his car through a figure eight and three complete tire-screaming circles in the middle of the intersection at Peace Portal Drive and Bell Road. The loud and dangerous maneuver won the driver a brilliant ovation from the emergency lights of the police car that had been sitting quietly in the adjacent parking lot. An officer collected the stunt driver’s signature on a criminal citation for reckless driving and woke up the teen’s dad with a phone call advising him of his son’s newfound fame.

February 27: A person visiting a golf course notified a security officer when he saw a man walking on the second fairway carrying what appeared to be a tripod and a rifle. The security agent called police and two Blaine officers responded. They searched the area for an hour but found neither a man nor a hole in one.

March 1: A confused driver left Seattle on I-5, heading back home to Oregon. A few hours later she was surprised to find a Canadian customs port and border blocking her commute. She was even more surprised when the inspectors seized her car for her possession of controlled substances and her admission of having used some speed and a little meth earlier in the evening. The confused and now stranded woman was then brought back to U.S. customs. The officers called Blaine police to come help the lady because she was unable to find a ride off their property. Police collected her and spent three hours exhausting all possible avenues of assistance. The woman finally decided to accept a police car ride to a 24-hour diner in Bellingham where she planned to stay warm while working on a ride home.

March 28: A passerby stopped, stared and then called police when she saw a big semi tractor rig drive the wrong way on the northbound freeway on ramp from D Street, crashing over and destroying a DOT traffic sign in the process. Officers arrived to find the truck had left the area after the hit and run. They were getting a description of the suspect from their witness, when the semi drove by, apparently lost and looking for the southbound freeway lanes so he could escape. Police contacted and arrested the truck driver on the freeway, and WSDOT was advised to repair their sign.

April 2: A restaurant reported that a person was dancing alone in their parking lot, and doing such a poor job of it that he was scaring customers. Officers contacted the man, who was enjoying his music but agreed to dance elsewhere. No crime occurred and officers cleared without incident.

April 13: Dispatch reported that two small dogs were running loose and unattended on D Street near Allan Street. An officer arrived in the area and searched for the dogs, but they must have been really, really small.

April 14: A passerby called when she spotted two little girls trying to break into a closed coffee stand downtown. Police responded and contacted two unsupervised youngsters who were playing around the business and had attempted to slide open a partly unsecured window. Officers spoke with the distracted parent who was working nearby and asked him to keep a better eye on his kids.

May 11: A man came into the police station to report seeing what appeared to him to be a ferret crossing Peace Portal westbound downtown. An informational report was posted for officers in case someone called looking for a ferret. The critter was also possibly one of the otters that occasionally wander up from the shore.

May 12: A woman came into the police station hoping officers could help her find her missing vehicle. She vaguely remembered having been very heavily medicated when some person or agency gave her a ride home from whereever it was that she had left the auto. Inquiries were made with neighboring agencies, and her truck was found abandoned at a store in the Lynden area. Owner and auto were reunited and since no one could remember a crime having been committed, officers cleared.

May 22: Washington State Patrol requested assistance from Blaine Police when a foreign motorist stranded on I-5 could not explain to dispatchers what kind of help he needed with his motor vehicle. A Blaine officer arrived and learned that an ignition remote control for the driver's car had fallen off the outside front windshield after leaving an inspection at the Customs and Border Protection Port of Entry and was promptly run over by another vehicle. Once the signal generated by the keyless ignition was lost by the car's central computer, the vehicle stopped running and drifted to a halt on the freeway near the I-5 bridge across Dakota Creek. Fortunately another key was located in British Columbia and transported to the scene. Officers cleared the scene once the safety of the stranded motorist was assured.

June 3: An intoxicated 16-year -old knocked on the wrong door in a B Street neighborhood late at night, and offered an obscene gesture when she was corrected. A short time later she stole a pair of shoes from a boyfriend, doused them with charcoal lighter fluid and set them ablaze to demonstrate her displeasure with their relationship. Officers tracked down the alcohol-fueled arsonist at a friend’s house on 9th Street where she was partying with other teens, and arrested her for domestic violence, theft, arson, being a minor in possession of alcohol, and an outstanding warrant. She was booked into detention. The stolen $150 pair of Nike tennis shoes was a complete loss. The other rum- and marijuana-afflicted teens at the party house were arrested, processed and released to their parents.