Quick work by police results in a happier holiday

Published on Thu, Dec 22, 2011
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One family has the Blaine police and the Border Patrol to thank this holiday season.

On Tuesday just after dark, Blaine police received a call from the Portland police department. They had learned that an Oregon resident who had threatened to commit suicide had used his cell phone close to the Canadian border.

After getting details of the man's car, Officer Jon Landis and Sergeant Wayne White took the call. Officer Landis located the vehicle at a motel on D Street and learned which room he was in.

Border Patrol and Blaine police personnel went to the room and when he failed to respond to their knocks on the door, they obtained a master key to gain entry. The man was unconscious from a drug overdose but the officers were able to revive him. An ambulance was then dispatched to take him to the hospital for treatment of the overdose and a mental health evaluation.

"A good job well done by all, and hopefully a happier holiday for the victim and his family," Blaine police chief Mike Haslip said.