Wintry weather is on its way: Tips to stay safe

Published on Tue, Nov 22, 2011
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The National Weather Service has issued several weather-related advisories and warnings for Whatcom County. Over the next few days, a considerable amount of rain and strong winds are predicted.

Strong winds often result in power outages, and protracted periods of heavy rain can lead to localized flooding.

The City of Bellingham has provided the following safety tips:

1. Prepare for loss of electricity. Have battery-powered lanterns or flashlights and extra batteries, blankets, warm clothes and two days of ready-to-eat food and plenty of water on hand.

2. Fill up your gas tank, and keep it filled.

3. If you have a generator, make sure it’s running properly and only run it outdoors. Have fresh fuel on hand, and store extra in fuel cans outside and away from possible ignition sources.

4. Clean leaves and debris out of gutters and storm drains.

5. Identify possible hazard trees that could fall on your property or nearby power lines. Watch out for downed trees or power lines if there is a bad storm.

6. Check and update your vehicle emergency kit. It should include safety items (whistle, flashlight, batteries, road flares, reflective vest, etc.), food, water, blankets and warm clothes.