Border patrol agent receives commendation from RCMP

Published on Wed, Oct 5, 2011
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A Blaine-based U.S. Border Patrol agent was recently commended by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) for his aid to a RCMP member in 2010.

Agent Lucas Shulman was awarded the commendation by Fraser MacRae, the officer in charge of the Surrey detachment of the RCMP, at a ceremony in Surrey on September 21. Approximately 65 other award recipients were in attendance.

Shulman’s award stemmed from an incident that occurred on April 25, 2010. An RCMP member with a K-9 partner was struggling to arrest four suspects. One of the suspects was punching the K-9, and the three remaining suspects had a distinct tactical advantage over the officer. Because he was close to the border and aware that a Border Patrol agent was in the area, the RCMP member called out for assistance.

Shulman heard the call, immediately crossed into Canada, and came to the aid of the RCMP member.  Because of Shulman’s quick action, all four subjects were taken into custody.

Award recipients were recognized for everything from carrying a wheelchair-bound elderly woman down three flights of stairs in a burning building to exemplary investigative skills that brought violent criminals to justice in the Surrey, B.C. area.