U.S. Border Patrol Report

Published on Wed, Sep 21, 2011
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September 6: Agents took custody of a Mexican citizen from the Whatcom County Sheriff’s work center near Bellingham. The subject had multiple arrests for DUI including one involving a hit and run. The subject had also been previously ordered removed from the United States. Subject was processed for reinstatement of a prior deportation order.

September 6: Agents apprehended two citizens of Mexico near Clallam Bay, west of Port Angeles. Both subjects were illegally present in the United States and processed for removal.

September 8: Agents apprehended a citizen of Canada who was observed walking near Delta Line Road east of Blaine. Subject admitted to illegally entering the United States and was processed for removal.

September 11: Agents responded to a call for assistance from the Lynden Police Department and apprehended a Mexican citizen who ran from the initial vehicle stop with police. Subject admitted to being illegally present in the United States but also had a misdemeanor warrant out of Richmond, Washington. An immigration hold was placed on the subject and he was turned over to the Lynden Police.

September 12: Agents apprehended a citizen of New Zealand after responding to a call for assistance from the Blaine Police Department. Subject had legally entered the United States on a visitor visa but did not leave the country before it expired. Subject was processed for removal.